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Badminton Pan America

I was born in a small town with limited resources. My mother, my two brothers, and I lived in the house of a generous family who provided us with shelter, food, and support. My mother worked as a domestic worker for them, and we helped her with the house chores. This was our home until I finished high school and decided to move to Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, with the goal of continuing my education and pursuing a career in professional badminton. Thanks to the help of some school friends, I was able to find temporary accommodation until I could support myself financially.

My Introduction to Badminton

During my final year of university, a teacher introduced me to the sport of badminton. Having been involved in various sports such as basketball, futsal, football, and volleyball, I was always passionate about athletics. However, it was badminton that truly captured my heart. I was determined to become a professional badminton player and dedicated myself to mastering the sport. Simultaneously, I started coaching and working with junior athletes in Sucre. Badminton not only changed my life but also taught me valuable lessons about determination, setting goals, and discipline. Today, I am proud to be a Level 1 coach, Shuttle Time Teacher and Tutor, as well as a national athlete. I have participated in both national and international tournaments, with some of the most memorable being the Bolivarian tournaments in Santa Marta – Colombia, Sudamericano Lima 2020, Sudamericano Bolivia 2018, Panamerican Games 2019, and Bolivarian Valledupar – Colombia 2022.

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The Meaning of Badminton to Me

To me, badminton is more than just a sport. It is a passion that drives me to give my all in teaching others who share the same love for the game. The sport itself is precise, disciplined, and fast-paced, setting it apart from other sports.

Developing Badminton in the Community

Every time I share my experiences, I aim to inspire children and guide them away from harmful habits. Through programs like Shuttle Time, we strive to reach more teachers and communities in the city and provinces. One of the most important lessons I have learned from Shuttle Time is the ability to improvise and adapt, even without proper equipment like rackets or shuttlecocks. This skill empowers us to create our own tools and continue playing the sport we love.


Q: How did you discover badminton?

A: I was introduced to badminton by a teacher during my final year of university. Being involved in various sports throughout my life, I was immediately drawn to this new and exciting sport.

Q: What has badminton taught you?

A: Badminton has taught me important life lessons such as determination, goal setting, and discipline. It has also shown me the value of improvisation and adaptability in challenging situations.

Q: How do you promote badminton in your community?

A: Through programs like Shuttle Time, I aim to reach more teachers and communities in my city and surrounding areas. By sharing my experiences and providing guidance, we can inspire more children to take up the sport and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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In this article, I shared my personal journey with badminton. From humble beginnings in a small town to becoming a national athlete and coach, badminton has shaped my life in profound ways. I have learned the importance of determination, discipline, and improvisation, all of which have contributed to my success in the sport. Through programs like Shuttle Time, I strive to inspire and guide others to discover the joy and benefits of badminton. Join me in this incredible journey and let’s embrace the world of badminton together.