Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

Name: Danica Nishimura
Country: Peru
Events: Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Danica Nishimura, a talented badminton player from Peru, shares her journey in the sport and her dreams of reaching the Olympic Games. Let’s dive into her inspiring story and learn more about her experiences and achievements.

How did you meet badminton?

Danica’s passion for badminton began at the age of 9 when she played her first Pan American Junior Championship in 2008. Introduced to the sport by a coach who was friends with her parents, Danica joined the AELU Club. At that time, badminton was not widely popular, but her coach’s encouragement led her to try it out. On a Sunday, her parents took her to training, and from that day forward, Danica fell in love with badminton. Despite struggling to hit the shuttle at first, she had so much fun that she continued her journey at the Badminton Academy.

When did you decide to play doubles?

As Danica grew older, she realized that her physical abilities were better suited for doubles rather than singles. In singles matches, she found it challenging to maintain consistent performance throughout the game. Frustrated by this, she made the decision to focus on doubles. In a South American tournament, her coach asked if she would be willing to exclusively play doubles, and she agreed. Since then, Danica has dedicated herself to doubles matches and has been thriving in this category.

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Which was your best result?

Danica has achieved remarkable success in her career so far. Her proudest moments include winning gold medals in Doubles at the Bolivarian Games and South American Games, as well as a gold medal in Mixed Doubles at the South American Games. Additionally, she has earned bronze and silver medals in Pan-American Doubles alongside her partner Daniela Macias.

Which is your biggest dream?

Like many athletes, Danica’s ultimate dream is to participate in the Olympic Games and represent her country on the international stage. She has always kept this dream in mind and is currently pursuing it with determination. Danica hopes to make her Olympic dream a reality and make her country proud.

Which badminton player do you admire?

One badminton player who has had a significant impact on Danica is Lin Dan. She admires his unique playing style and is particularly drawn to left-handed players. As one of badminton’s legends, Lin Dan’s skill and talent have always captivated Danica. She had the incredible opportunity to see him play at the World Championships, and it was like witnessing a performance by a renowned artist.

What message would you give to young people who are just starting to practice badminton?

Danica’s advice to young aspiring badminton players is to commit wholeheartedly to the sport. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, never giving up, and making sacrifices along the way. Through her own journey, Danica has learned that these sacrifices are integral to achieving success in sports. Whether it’s balancing school and training or forgoing social activities, she believes that every sacrifice made will ultimately contribute to personal growth and success.

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Danica Nishimura’s dedication and determination serve as an inspiration to both young athletes and badminton enthusiasts alike. Her journey reminds us of the immense passion and sacrifices required to excel in sports. We eagerly await her pursuit of the Olympic dream and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.