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Badminton Pan America

Pan Am players from Brazil, Canada, Peru, and the United States showcased their exceptional skills at the Spanish Para Badminton International 2023. This highly-anticipated event, held in Vitoria, Spain from February 20 to 26, featured top-level competition in the world of para-badminton.

Pilar Jauregui Shines Bright

World Champion Pilar Jauregui proved her dominance in the WH2 category, clinching two gold medals and one bronze. As a seeded 3/4 player in the WS WH2 event, Jauregui displayed remarkable performances throughout the competition. She emerged at the top of Group C after defeating tough opponents from Korea and Australia. In the Quarter-Finals, Pilar triumphed over Maurel (FRA) in straight games. She continued her winning streak in the Semifinals against the seeded 1 player, Ilaria Renggli (SUI). Finally, in a thrilling Final, our Pan Am champion defeated the talented Yuma Yamazaki (JPN), seeded 2, with a score of 21-15 and 21-19.

Doubles Success

Pilar Jauregui also showcased her prowess in doubles events. In the Mixed Doubles category, she partnered with Yuri Ferrigno (ITA) and claimed the crown. The duo topped Group B and went on to defeat formidable pairs from Australia in the Quarter-Finals, Spain/Austria in the Semifinals, and Korea in the Final.

Additionally, Pilar secured a bronze medal in Women’s Doubles. Alongside Jaquelin Burgos (PER), they triumphed over duos from France in the group stage and Brazil in the Quarter-Finals. However, they faced a formidable challenge against the seeded 1 pair, Satomi/Yamazaki (JPN), in the Semifinals.

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Outstanding Performances in SH6 Category

Miles Krajewski and Vitor Tavares demonstrated their remarkable skills in the SH6 category. They formed a formidable partnership in Men’s Doubles and claimed the gold medal by emerging victorious in every match they played. The silver medals went to Justin Kendrick/Wyatt Lightfoot (CAN), while Nilton Quispe/Jesus Salva (PER) secured the bronzes.

Miles Krajewski also shone in the Singles event, earning a bronze medal. After leading Group D, he defeated Solaimalai (IND) in the Quarter-Finals but faced a tough challenge against Chu Man Kai (HGK) in the Semifinals.

Impressive Achievements in Women’s Doubles SH6

Rubi Fernandez (PER) partnered with Nithya Sumathy (IND) to secure the gold medal in Women’s Doubles SH6. They triumphed over duos from Ukraine and Chinese Taipei in Group B before defeating Bujnicka/Szmigiel (POL) in the final. Rosa Velasquez (PER) and Anya Butterworth (ENG) also put on a commendable performance, securing the bronze medal.

Bronze in Mixed Doubles and Women’s Singles SH6

Giuliana Poveda and Nilton Quispe secured the bronze medal in Mixed Doubles. The world medalists entered the tournament as the seeded 1 duo and triumphed over players from Hong Kong China. However, they faced a challenging match against Meechai/Saeyang (THA) in the Semifinals.

In Women’s Singles SH6, Giuliana Poveda and Jayci Simon both achieved the 3/4 place. Poveda defeated players from Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong China, and Poland but faced defeat against Rina Marlina (INA) in the Semifinals. Meanwhile, Simon showcased her skills by leading Group F after defeating players from Peru and Poland. She then secured wins against Yu Yen-Wu (KOR) and former World Champion Rachel Choon (ENG) in the Main Draw. However, her journey was halted by Sumathy (IND) in the Semifinals.

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What’s Next?

The Pan Am Para badminton players will continue to impress at the Spanish Para Badminton International Toledo 2023 throughout this week. Stay tuned and witness their incredible talent as they compete at the highest level. Good luck to all the participants!

Q: Who were the standout performers at the Spanish Para Badminton International 2023?
A: Pilar Jauregui, a World Champion, showcased her excellence by winning two gold medals and one bronze in the WH2 category.

Q: Which countries were represented by the top-performing players?
A: The top-performing players hailed from Brazil, Canada, Peru, and the United States.

Q: Did any players achieve success in multiple events?
A: Yes, Pilar Jauregui excelled in both singles and doubles events, winning gold in Mixed Doubles and securing bronze in Women’s Doubles.

Q: Will there be another para-badminton event soon?
A: Yes, the Spanish Para Badminton International Toledo 2023 is set to take place in the coming week, featuring more thrilling matches and outstanding performances.

The Spanish Para Badminton International 2023 witnessed exceptional performances from Pan Am players, representing countries such as Brazil, Canada, Peru, and the United States. Pilar Jauregui, a World Champion in the WH2 category, displayed her dominance by winning two gold medals and one bronze. Her outstanding performance in singles and doubles events solidified her position as one of the top players in the tournament. The event also saw remarkable achievements from other players, including Miles Krajewski, Vitor Tavares, Rubi Fernandez, Giuliana Poveda, and Nilton Quispe. As the tournament continues with the Spanish Para Badminton International Toledo 2023, fans can expect more exciting matches and incredible displays of talent. Stay tuned and support these remarkable athletes! Don’t forget to visit our website for more updates and news in the world of badminton.

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