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Badminton Pan America

Lauren Villalobos Mouriño is a talented badminton player from San Jose, Costa Rica. She specializes in singles matches and has achieved remarkable success in her career. Let’s dive into her journey and get to know more about her achievements and aspirations.

At what age did you start in Badminton and how did you get into this sport?

Lauren started playing badminton at the age of 8. Her father, who used to play the sport, encouraged the entire family to engage in physical activities. They found a reputable academy, and that’s how Lauren’s passion for badminton sparked.

In how many tournaments did you participate and which have been your best results?

Lauren has participated in more than 10 tournaments throughout her career. Her most notable achievement was becoming the Central American champion.

To how many countries has badminton taken you?

Lauren’s badminton career has taken her to approximately 8 different countries, providing her with unique and enriching experiences.

What anecdotes come to your mind when you remember your trips?

Lauren recalls a few interesting anecdotes from her trips. From occasionally missing flights to dealing with food preferences, traveling for badminton tournaments has presented its fair share of challenges and memorable moments.

What are your short and medium-term objectives as a badminton player?

Lauren’s aspirations include making a significant impact in the Pan Am Games and striving to win medals in the near future.

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Do you perform other activities in parallel to your career as an athlete, such as studying or working?

While pursuing her badminton career, Lauren is also in her last year of school. Balancing training with academics has been a challenging endeavor for her.

How do you manage the commitment and discipline required in both aspects of your life?

Lauren finds emotional stability through badminton. The sport helps her gain a different perspective on life and enhances her self-sufficiency.

Apart from sporting satisfactions, what other things did badminton give you?

Badminton has not only provided Lauren with sporting achievements but also valuable friendships, opportunities to travel, and insights into different cultures and playing techniques.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Outside of badminton, Lauren enjoys dancing hip hop, which serves as a creative outlet and a way to relax.

Who was your first coach?

Lauren’s first coach was Adrian Gomez, who played a fundamental role in shaping her badminton skills.

Which club do you represent?

Lauren represents the Badminton Academy Costa Rica, representing her home country in national and international competitions.

Is badminton popular in your country?

While badminton is not yet widely popular in Costa Rica, it is steadily gaining recognition and popularity among sports enthusiasts.

These are just a few insights into the career and experiences of Lauren Villalobos Mouriño, a talented badminton player with a promising future ahead. Her dedication, passion, and continuous pursuit of excellence make her an inspiration for aspiring badminton players both in Costa Rica and beyond.

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Q: How did Lauren Villalobos Mouriño get into badminton?

A: Lauren started playing badminton at the age of 8 after her father, who was also involved in the sport, encouraged the family to engage in physical activities.

Q: What has been Lauren’s best achievement in her badminton career so far?

A: Lauren’s best achievement to date is becoming the Central American champion in badminton.

Q: How many countries has Lauren traveled to for badminton?

A: Lauren has traveled to approximately 8 countries for badminton tournaments, gaining valuable experiences and insights along the way.

Q: Apart from badminton, does Lauren engage in any other activities?

A: Alongside her badminton career, Lauren is currently in her last year of school, embracing the challenges of balancing academics and training.

Q: What are Lauren’s short and medium-term objectives in badminton?

A: Lauren aims to make a significant impact in the Pan Am Games and strive for medal-winning performances in the future.


Lauren Villalobos Mouriño, an aspiring badminton player from Costa Rica, has made her mark in the sport through hard work and dedication. Starting at a young age, she has achieved remarkable results and has represented her country in various tournaments. Lauren’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of badminton, offering her not only sporting triumphs but also the opportunity to explore new cultures, form lasting friendships, and develop discipline and self-sufficiency. As she continues to pursue her dreams, Lauren serves as an inspiration for young athletes and embodies the spirit of determination and passion in the badminton world.

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