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The world of badminton is filled with inspiring stories of athletes who have dedicated their lives to the sport. One such athlete is Taymara Oropesa from Cuba. Despite starting at the age of 14, which is considered late in the sport, Taymara has made remarkable progress in her badminton career. Let’s delve into her journey and discover what motivates her to excel.

How did Taymara Oropesa discover badminton?

Taymara began her sporting journey playing field tennis. However, to avoid the scorching sun, she decided to switch to badminton. It turned out to be a wise choice as she found a passion for the sport and excelled in it. Taymara shares, “I liked to practice badminton, and here I am.”

When did Taymara decide to pursue badminton professionally?

Cuba has sports initiation schools that groom young talent. Taymara’s talent and hard work led her to be selected for the national team in Havana. Representing her country in various events became her dream from a young age. Taymara remembers, “Since I was little, I wanted to be in the national team and represent my country in all possible events.”

What are Taymara’s aspirations?

Taymara’s ultimate dream is to qualify for the Olympic Games. Like many athletes, the Olympics hold immense significance for her. She says, “It is the greater dream of every athlete.” In the meantime, she is focused on her goals for this year, which include aiming for a medal in the Pan American Games in the Mixed Doubles category alongside her partner, Osleni Guerrero.

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The challenges of being a high-level athlete in Cuba

Being a high-level athlete requires immense dedication and sacrifice. For Taymara, the hardest part is being away from her family. Training and competing demand a lot of time and effort, and striking a balance between personal and professional life can be challenging. However, Taymara believes that sacrifice is necessary for achieving success in high-performance sports.

Taymara’s pursuit of education alongside badminton

In addition to her sporting career, Taymara is also pursuing a degree in physical culture. In Cuba, athletes have the privilege of studying even while participating in competitions. This allows Taymara to manage both her studies and her training without compromising either.

A quickfire round with Taymara Oropesa

To get to know Taymara better, here are her quickfire preferences:

  • Olympic Games or World Championships? Taymara chooses the Olympic Games.
  • Winter or Summer? She prefers the Winter.
  • Sweet or salt? Taymara has a sweet tooth.
  • Favorite badminton player? Her idol is Carolina Marin.

Advice for aspiring badminton players

Taymara’s message to young people starting their badminton journey is simple yet powerful. She urges them to persevere, fight with determination, and maintain a strong desire to achieve their goals. Success may not come overnight, but with effort and dedication, it can be attained step by step.

Badminton Pan America is thrilled to have Taymara Oropesa as a shining example of passion and determination in the sport. Her journey serves as an inspiration for all aspiring badminton players. Let’s cheer Taymara on as she strives to reach new heights in her badminton career.

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Photo Credit: BPAC | Badminton Peru