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Badminton Pan America

Canada’s impressive performance at the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019 can be attributed to Michelle Li, their standout women’s singles player. Despite battling an Achilles tendon tear in her right leg, Li exhibited unwavering determination throughout the tournament. She triumphed over formidable opponents from Singapore, Germany, and France, contributing to her team’s victory in Group 2.

Following the Sudirman Cup, Li continued to showcase her skills at the Australian Open, where she faced tough matches against players from Indonesia and Japan. Although she fell to eventual champion Chen Yufei in the quarterfinals, Li’s form remained strong. Amidst the qualification period for Tokyo 2020, Li has chosen not to undergo surgery and rehabilitation, opting to play through the pain instead.

Li’s injury has persisted for nearly a year, initially stemming from an ankle sprain. Seeking medical advice, she discovered that surgery would require a four-month hiatus, which she cannot afford given the ongoing qualification process. Despite the pain, Li aims to find a balance between training and managing her condition. Her primary focus is on minimizing pain levels to maintain her speed and performance during matches.

The Sudirman Cup marked Li’s first event towards Tokyo 2020, setting the stage for a busy season ahead. She will be traversing continents throughout June and July, competing in various tournaments in Australia, Canada, the US, Asia, and culminating in the Pan Am Games in Peru.

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Li’s motivation lies in the opportunity to participate in her third Olympics, having already represented Canada in London 2012 and Rio 2016. Having dedicated her life to badminton, Li considers the Olympics to be the pinnacle of an athlete’s career. While winning a medal would symbolize the culmination of her hard work, the experience itself holds immense value.

Li reflects on her previous Olympic experiences, particularly the excitement and novelty of competing in London 2012. She competed in both singles and doubles, facing formidable opponents and creating unforgettable memories. In Rio 2016, Li qualified for singles and narrowly lost to Sindhu, who went on to win the silver medal.

Looking ahead to Tokyo 2020, Li strives to achieve medal success. She approaches the upcoming Olympics with utmost determination and plans to give her all on the court. Regardless of the outcome, Li recognizes that the experience will be memorable and significant in her badminton journey.


Q1: How did Michelle Li perform at the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019?
A1: Michelle Li displayed exceptional performance throughout the tournament, despite nursing an Achilles tendon tear in her right leg. She played with unwavering determination and contributed significantly to Canada’s success in Group 2.

Q2: Will Li undergo surgery for her injury?
A2: Li has chosen not to undergo surgery and rehabilitation, as it would require a four-month hiatus that she cannot afford amidst the qualification period for Tokyo 2020.

Q3: How is Li managing her injury while continuing to compete?
A3: Li is focusing on learning to play with the pain and balancing her training to prevent further swelling and inflammation. Her aim is to keep the pain levels down, allowing her to maintain her speed and performance during matches.

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Michelle Li’s outstanding performance at the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2019, despite her Achilles tendon tear, has propelled Canada to success. With a commitment to play through the pain rather than opt for surgery, Li is determined to secure her spot at Tokyo 2020. Her dedication to badminton and her aspiration to participate in her third Olympics speaks volumes about her passion for the sport. As she embarks on a busy season, Li aims to strike a delicate balance between training, managing her injury, and competing at various tournaments worldwide. With her eyes set on a coveted Olympic medal, Li’s journey promises excitement and memorable experiences for both herself and badminton enthusiasts around the world. Visit to stay updated on Michelle Li’s progress and follow her inspiring journey.