Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

Pan Am Para badminton athletes from Brazil, Canada, the United States, and host Peru have won medals at the Peru Para badminton International 2020. This event holds significant importance as it awards points for Tokyo 2020, marking the first time that Para badminton will be included in the history of the Paralympic Games.

The Lima, Peru event held from February 18 to 23 gathered the best athletes in the world who were vying for the points that would allow them to qualify for the Paralympic Games. Among them, Pan Am players demonstrated their skill by securing podium positions in various events, enhancing their game and gaining valuable experience for future sporting challenges.

Peru’s star athlete, Giuliana Poveda, the current World Champion, shone brightly by clinching three gold medals in the SH6 category. Poveda showcased her prowess by defeating competitors from the USA and Peru to claim the singles title. Additionally, she stood atop the podium in the Doubles event with Katherine Valli (USA) and in Mixed Doubles with Nagar Krishna (IND).

Vitor Tavares (BRA), Pan Am Games Champion, came close to the singles crown. After a formidable journey, defeating athletes from France, the USA, Ireland, and England, Tavares reached the final where he faced a tough challenge from Nagar Krishna (IND), ultimately securing the silver medal. In another singles match, Miles Krajewski (USA) showcased his skill and determination, earning the bronze medal despite losing to Krishna.

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Tavares is one of the Pan Am players who is on the cusp of securing his qualification for Tokyo 2020. His exceptional performance represents our region at a high level of play. Another Pan Am player who has the potential to secure a quota for Tokyo 2020 is Pilar Jauregui (PER). In the recent event, Jauregui, along with her partner Valeska Knoblauch (GER), won the silver medal in Doubles after defeating pairs from Russia and Korea. However, they lost in the final to the seeded duo, Seeckin (TUR) and To (BEL).

Mikaela Almeida (BRA) in WS SU5, William Roussy (CAN) in MD SL3-SL4, Eduardo Oliveira (BRA) in MD SU5, Ronald Miranda (PER) and Maria Antunes (BRA) in XD WH1-WH2, Bernard Lapointe (CAN) in XD WH1-WH2, all won bronze medals in this event.

Our athletes, along with all Para badminton players, will continue their quest for qualification to Tokyo 2020 at the Spain Para badminton International 2020, taking place in Murcia from March 10 to 15.

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Photo Credit: Willmar Montañez | BWF