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Meet José Pedro Navarrete Martinéz, a dedicated badminton player and coach from El Salvador. In this article, José shares his inspiring journey from a humble background to becoming a passionate advocate for badminton in his region. Despite the challenges he faces, José remains committed to nurturing talent and promoting the sport among the youth. Join us as we delve into his experiences and the positive impact badminton has had in his community.

Badminton Initiation

In 2010, fresh out of university, José sought to further his knowledge in sports. He stumbled upon an upcoming badminton training session organized by the National Badminton Association of El Salvador. Intrigued by the sport, José immersed himself in research and signed up for the session. Since then, he has continuously pursued courses to enhance his skills and grow as a player and coach.

Badminton and Me

Badminton may not be a popular sport in José’s region, but that hasn’t deterred him. He saw an opportunity to introduce the sport to the youth in his community and nurture potential talents for international competitions. Badminton has become an integral part of his life, spending afternoons practicing with eager youngsters.

Developing Badminton

Initially, José faced challenges in attracting female athletes to the sport. However, with the construction of covered badminton courts at his school, the interest grew exponentially. As a coach, José has had to navigate various obstacles, including limited parental support, financial constraints, and the lack of training facilities. Nevertheless, he remains determined to provide his athletes with the best opportunities.

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Impact of Badminton

José operates in a region plagued by crime, poverty, and limited educational opportunities. Through badminton, he aims to instill discipline and dedication in his students. The sport serves as a platform for them to set goals, work hard, and achieve success. In fact, many former badminton players have gone on to secure professional careers in various industries.

Lessons from Shuttle Time

José’s coaching journey has taught him valuable life lessons. He has embraced creativity and learned the importance of listening to his athletes and providing emotional support. Above all, he realizes that sports, like badminton, prepare individuals for the challenges of life.


Q: How did José Pedro Navarrete Martinéz first encounter badminton?

A: José discovered badminton after university when he came across a training session organized by the National Badminton Association of El Salvador.

Q: What challenges did José face in developing the sport?

A: José initially struggled to attract female athletes to badminton. However, the construction of covered courts at his school helped generate interest and participation.

Q: What impact has badminton had on José’s community?

A: Badminton has provided a positive outlet in a region plagued by crime and poverty. Through the sport, José encourages discipline, goal-setting, and educational excellence among the youth.


José Pedro Navarrete Martinéz’s dedication to badminton in El Salvador has been truly remarkable. Despite facing numerous challenges, José remains committed to nurturing talent and promoting the sport in his region. Through badminton, he instills discipline, determination, and life skills in his athletes. Join José in his mission and discover the transformative power of badminton.

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