Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

With almost 12 years of experience working for the benefit of Pan Am badminton, Mirtha Rosales, Administrative Manager of Badminton Pan Am Confederation, plays a crucial role in the growth of Pan American badminton from the Confederation offices in Lima, Peru.

Mirtha’s journey in badminton began unexpectedly in 2010 when she was called to support a championship. Little did she know that this chance encounter would lead her to where she is today. With a degree in Business Administration, Mirtha’s dedication and commitment opened doors for her in the world of badminton.

Her first experience in badminton was running the Tournament Software for a championship. As time went on, she became involved in other tasks and started sharing her knowledge and experiences with the Badminton Pan Am Confederation and the Peruvian Badminton Federation.

During these 12 years, badminton has been a part of Mirtha’s personal development and has impacted various aspects of her life. Being a part of the badminton family has made her feel comfortable and motivated to carry out her work with responsibility and enthusiasm.

Balancing being a mother, studying, and working all at the same time has not been easy for Mirtha. There were moments when she questioned whether she should continue her involvement in badminton. However, with effort and support, she was able to overcome these difficulties and continue to excel in her work.

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In any job, dedication, responsibility, love for the work, and passion are necessary, and Mirtha embodies all of these qualities in her role. She is always willing to learn and values the recognition and support of those around her.

With Mirtha’s continuous efforts and the collaborative spirit of the badminton community, the Pan American Confederation is poised for further success and growth in the future.