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Badminton Pan America

Jean Paul Ortiz Vargas from Bogota, Colombia, is a talented badminton player specializing in Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. His category is SU5.

A Promising Start in Badminton

Jean Paul started playing badminton three years ago when he received an offer from his Federation to be a part of Para-Badminton. He played an essential role in promoting, expanding, and organizing the sport, making him a pioneer in the field.

Tournaments and Achievements

Jean Paul has already participated in several tournaments, and his best result so far has been securing fifth place. His dedication and hard work have earned him recognition in the badminton community.

Exploring New Horizons

Badminton has taken Jean Paul to different countries, with Peru being the first country he visited in his badminton journey. He looks forward to traveling to even more countries in the future.

Badminton Pan America

Ambitious Goals

As a passionate badminton player, Jean Paul has set ambitious goals for himself. He aims to participate in upcoming tournaments, win a medal in the Pan-American Games, and ultimately qualify for the Olympic Games.

Balancing Work and Passion

Aside from his badminton career, Jean Paul also works as a coach and school teacher. He manages to balance his training and work responsibilities efficiently, thanks to his dedication and love for the sport.

Badminton Pan America

Commitment and Discipline

Maintaining commitment and discipline is crucial for success in any field. Jean Paul believes that staying humble, passionate, and respectful is essential to keep these values alive in his life.

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Beyond Sporting Achievements

Apart from the joy of sporting achievements, badminton has given Jean Paul a job and allowed him to be a pioneer in a project he deeply believes in. He takes pride in being the face of the sport and a role model for others.

Badminton Pan America

Life Outside Badminton

In his free time, Jean Paul enjoys spending quality time with his family and watching movies, especially ones related to comics. These activities provide him with relaxation and a much-needed break from his rigorous training routine.

Influential Coaches and Club Representation

Dagoberto Corredor was Jean Paul’s first coach, who played a vital role in shaping his badminton career. Currently, he represents the selection of conventional Badminton in Bogotà, showcasing his skills at the club level.

Growing Popularity of Para-Badminton

Para-Badminton is gradually gaining popularity in Jean Paul’s home country. The sport’s growth is a positive sign, indicating more opportunities and recognition for para-athletes.

Badminton Pan America

A Message of Inspiration

Jean Paul has a message for all those who are following his journey. He believes that with determination and a strong mindset, anyone can overcome obstacles in life. Additionally, he encourages everyone to take up sports as it has tremendous benefits in various aspects of life.


Q: How long has Jean Paul been playing badminton?

A: Jean Paul has been playing badminton for three years.

Q: What are Jean Paul’s goals as a badminton player?

A: Jean Paul aims to participate in all upcoming tournaments, win a medal in the Pan-American Games, and qualify for the Olympic Games.

Q: Does Jean Paul have any other activities besides badminton?

A: Yes, Jean Paul works as a coach and school teacher, and he also studied Systems Engineering.

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Q: How popular is Para-Badminton in Jean Paul’s country?

A: Para-Badminton is still growing in popularity in Jean Paul’s country, but it is gaining momentum.

Q: What is Jean Paul’s message to the readers?

A: Jean Paul’s message is to always give your best effort, have a positive mindset, and engage in sports as it can greatly benefit you.