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Badminton Pan America

Uriel Canjura, a rising star from El Salvador, has become a true inspiration for his country. After his impressive performance at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, Uriel’s sports career has continued to soar, with notable achievements, including his medals at the Cali 2021 Pan Am Youth Games.

“I have a dream and a goal at the same time, to reach the Olympic Games. It’s not easy, but I’m determined to qualify for Paris 2024. That’s my goal, and it’s also my dream,” says Uriel.

Like many athletes, Uriel is relentlessly pursuing his Olympic dream, a milestone that would make Salvadorans proud of their athlete. To achieve this, Uriel leaves no stone unturned, dedicating himself to rigorous training at renowned centers such as the Center of Excellence in Denmark and the Pan Am Badminton Training Camp.

“My preparation has been incredibly intense. I have trained in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Denmark, pushing myself to work hard every day,” shares Uriel.

And surely, his efforts are paying off. Alongside his medals at the first edition of the Pan Am Youth Games, Uriel clinched a Pan Am medal on home ground at the XXV YONEX Pan Am Individual Championship in San Salvador last April.

“The highlight of my sporting career so far has been my performance at this year’s Pan American Championship in El Salvador. Playing against Kevin (Cordon), one of my idols, was a dream come true,” Uriel expresses.

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At just 22 years old, Uriel secured a bronze medal at the XXV YONEX Pan Am Individual Championships 2022. Not only did he showcase his best game to his hometown audience, family, and friends, but he also fulfilled another dream by facing Olympian Kevin Cordon in a thrilling three-game match.

“That championship was truly special. When I saw the draw, I knew there was a chance I could face Kevin, which motivated me in every match. Playing at home gave me peace of mind, but each round felt like a final,” Uriel reveals.

With every step he takes in his career, Uriel remains grateful to everyone who has supported him along the way. This gratitude fuels his determination to give his best in every competition and to support others in achieving their dreams, just as he has.

“In the future, I aspire to become a coach. I believe it would greatly contribute to the development of our country and provide more people with the same opportunities I have had,” Uriel shares his vision.

Uriel Canjura’s journey in badminton serves as an inspiration for young athletes in El Salvador and beyond. With his relentless pursuit of excellence and determination to make a difference, Uriel is not only a rising star but also a role model for aspiring athletes across the world.


1. What are Uriel Canjura’s notable achievements in badminton so far?

Uriel Canjura has made significant strides in his badminton career. He participated in the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 and went on to win medals at the Cali 2021 Pan Am Youth Games. Additionally, he secured a bronze medal at the XXV YONEX Pan Am Individual Championships 2022.

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2. What are Uriel Canjura’s goals for his badminton career?

Uriel Canjura’s ultimate goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games. He is determined to achieve this milestone and has set his sights on Paris 2024. Uriel’s dream is not only a personal one but also a source of pride for his country, El Salvador.

3. Where has Uriel Canjura trained to hone his badminton skills?

Uriel Canjura has dedicated himself to rigorous training at various renowned centers around the world. He has trained in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, and other locations to ensure he is constantly improving and pushing himself to the limits.

4. What was Uriel Canjura’s most significant result in his sporting career?

Uriel Canjura considers his performance at the Pan American Championship in El Salvador as the highlight of his sporting career so far. This achievement not only showcased his skills but also allowed him to play against one of his idols, Kevin Cordon, in an exciting match.

5. What are Uriel Canjura’s aspirations for the future?

In the future, Uriel Canjura aims to become a coach. He believes that his experience and expertise can contribute to the development of his country and provide more opportunities for aspiring athletes. Uriel wants to inspire and support others in their pursuit of their dreams.


Uriel Canjura, a talented badminton player from El Salvador, has achieved remarkable success in his young career. With notable achievements at international tournaments such as the Pan Am Youth Games and the Pan Am Individual Championships, Uriel is a rising star in the world of badminton. His dream of participating in the Olympic Games drives his relentless training and dedication. Uriel’s journey serves as an inspiration to young athletes, not only in El Salvador but also around the globe. With his aspirations to become a coach, Uriel aims to make a lasting impact on the sport and provide opportunities for others to fulfill their dreams. For more information on Uriel Canjura and his journey, visit our website.

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