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Welcome to the Exciting World of Para Badminton at the Parapan American Games

For the very first time in history, the Parapan American Games will include the thrilling sport of Para badminton. This groundbreaking development opens up new opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills on the international stage. The draws have been finalized, and we are now ready to embark on an exciting journey to the podium.

Schedule and Results

To keep track of all the action, be sure to check out the official schedule and results on our website here. Stay up to date with the latest match times, scores, and more.

Introducing the Athletes

Let’s take a moment to get acquainted with the talented athletes who will be competing in this highly anticipated event. From Men’s Singles to Women’s Doubles, we have a diverse range of categories that promise thrilling matches and unforgettable performances.

Men’s Singles

  • SL3, SL4, SU5, and SS6 categories will start with a Group Stage, followed by Semifinals and Finals.
  • Women’s Singles WH2 and Men’s Doubles WH1-WH2 will also follow the same format.

Women’s Singles SU5 and Mixed Doubles SL3-SU5

These categories will be played using a Round Robin System, ensuring intense and closely contested matches.

Let’s take a closer look at the Group Stage draws for Men’s Singles:

Men’s Singles SL3

Group A Group B
Pedro Pablo De Vinatea (PER) Leonardo Zuffo (BRA)
Rolando Bello (CUB) Wulnims Franco (VEN)
Renan Rosso (BRA) William Roussy (CAN)
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Men’s Singles SU4

Group A Group B
Raul Anguiano (GUA) Pascal Lapointe (CAN)
Eric Johnson (USA) Anthony Alvarado (VEN)
Pablo Cesar Cueto (PER) Rogerio De Oliveira (BRA)

Men’s Singles SU5

Group A Group B
Eduardo Oliveira (BRA) Ricardo Cavalli (BRA)
Kleiber Mijares (VEN) Alberto Cadenillas (PER)
Esteban Juarez (PER) Jean Paul Ortiz (COL)

Men’s Singles SS6

Group A Group B
Vitor Tavares (BRA) Miles Krajewski (USA)
Jesus Salva (PER) Wyatt Lightfoot (CAN)
Angel Ielpo (ARG) Brayan Abarca (CHI)

Women’s Singles WH2

Group A Group B
Pilar Jauregui (PER) Yuka CHokyu (CAN)
Maydelin Soriano (CUB) Catalina Jimeno (CHI)
Amy Burnet (USA) Daniele Souza (BRA)

Women’s Singles SU5 – Round Robin

Laura Yanes (CUB) | Jenny Ventocilla (PER) | Mikaela Almeida (BRA) | Laura Puntriano (PER) | Olivia Meier (CAN)

Men’s Doubles WH1 – WH2

Group A Group B
Alves/Godoy (BRA) Cano/Soares (BRA)
Palma/Pimentel (MEX) Fajardo/Miranda (PER)
Aranquiz/Cancina (CHI) Lapointe/Peter (CAN)

Mixed Doubles SL3-SU5

Lapointe/Meier (CAN) | Cavalli/Da Silva (BRA) | Cueto/Ventocilla (PER) | Bello/Yanes (CUB) | Rosso/Almeida (BRA)

For each event, only one third place will be awarded, and in case of necessity, a match for 5th place will be played.

The Team Managers Meeting was successfully conducted, with the presence of delegates from each country. With the draws finalized, the stage is set for an incredible display of talent and determination.

The meeting was led by BWF International Delegate, Mr. Enrique Charadan, Lima 2019 Sport Manager, Mr. Martin Del Valle, and Lima 2019 Referees Mr. Jeff Bell and Mr. Federico Valdez.

The competition will kick off on August 29, with the first Parapan Am Games champions being crowned on August 31 and September 1st.

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Are you ready? Join us in celebrating the extraordinary world of Para badminton and witness the outstanding performances of these incredible athletes. Let’s come together and enjoy the thrill of Para badminton at its finest!


Q: When does the Para badminton competition start?
A: The Para badminton competition will begin on August 29, 20XX.

Q: How can I stay updated with the latest schedule and results?
A: You can find the official schedule and results on our website here.

Q: Are there any notable players to watch out for?
A: There are several talented athletes participating in the event. Stay tuned as they compete for glory on the badminton court.


Get ready to witness history in the making at the Parapan American Games. For the very first time, Para badminton will captivate audiences with its intense competition and remarkable athleticism. From Men’s Singles to Mixed Doubles, each category promises riveting matches that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Stay updated with the official schedule and results on our website and be a part of this extraordinary sporting event. Come and witness the power, skill, and determination of the Para badminton athletes. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating experience!