Thursday, 20 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

Taymara Oropesa from Cuba is a talented badminton player, competing in singles and mixed doubles events. Starting at the age of 14, Taymara made a switch from field tennis to badminton due to its indoor nature. It turned out to be a great decision as she fell in love with the sport and excelled in it.

Taymara’s dedication to badminton led her to join the national team in Havana. Representing her country in various events has always been her dream, and she is working hard towards achieving it. Her ultimate goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games, which is the dream of every athlete.

This year, Taymara’s focus is on the Pan American Games, where she is partnering with Osleni Guerrero in the mixed doubles category. Their aim is to win a medal and make their mark in the tournament.

Being a high-level athlete in Cuba comes with its challenges. For Taymara, the toughest part is being away from her family. The demanding training schedule and frequent competitions require a lot of sacrifice. However, Taymara believes that achieving good results in high-performance sports requires dedication and determination.

Despite her commitment to badminton, Taymara also manages to pursue her studies. She is currently studying a degree in physical culture, thanks to the opportunities provided to athletes in Cuba. Balancing training and studying may seem challenging, but Taymara finds it manageable.

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When asked about her preferences, Taymara reveals that she dreams of participating in the Olympic Games rather than the World Championships. She also prefers the Winter Olympics over the Summer Olympics. And in a lighter note, she has a sweet tooth and looks up to Carolina Marin, a renowned badminton player.

For young aspiring badminton players, Taymara’s message is one of perseverance and determination. She advises them to never give up and always maintain the willingness to achieve their goals. Success may not come overnight, but with effort and dedication, it can be attained.

Photo Credit: BPAC | Badminton Peru