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Badminton Pan America

Haramara Gaitan Fausto, a talented Mexican badminton player, is not only striving to secure a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics but also wants to promote the popularity of badminton in her country. Haramara’s journey with the sport began a few years ago when she stumbled upon it while playing another sport. Little did she know that badminton would capture her heart with its challenging nature.

“I discovered badminton when I saw some people practicing it near my basketball training area,” Haramara shares. “I was intrigued by its difficulty, so I decided to give it a try. Since then, I have been enjoying every moment on the badminton court.”

The commitment and discipline required in badminton have had a profound impact on Haramara’s life. The sport has taught her invaluable lessons on overcoming adversity and achieving her goals.

“Badminton has opened my eyes. It has become a platform for me to pursue my goals and has given me the opportunity to experience different countries. Most importantly, badminton has taught me patience and how to overcome any challenges that come my way.”

Haramara’s ambitions in badminton extend beyond personal achievements. She envisions a future where badminton becomes a popular sport in Mexico, similar to its popularity in Europe. She hopes that universities and clubs will embrace badminton and establish leagues, catering to both high-performance athletes and recreational players.

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“My goals with badminton in my country start with reaching the levels I aspire to for myself. Eventually, I want to contribute to making badminton more popular. I want to see universities and clubs actively participating in badminton leagues, fostering both competitive and recreational play.”

Societal limitations and biases often discourage individuals from pursuing their dreams. Haramara, however, serves as an inspiration with her unwavering determination. As a military woman and athlete, she has overcome numerous obstacles. In celebration of Women’s Month, Haramara shares a powerful message for all women.

“It’s undoubtedly challenging for women to forge a career in sports, especially considering the cultural climate in many Latin American countries. However, it’s crucial to remember that our goals transcend gender perspectives. It’s about our determination to achieve what we seek, regardless of how we are born.”

Haramara’s relentless pursuit of excellence has taken her to various countries worldwide, competing and earning points in the World Ranking. Through this journey, she has developed a deeper appreciation for badminton and the individuals and institutions that contribute to its growth.

“I have learned to cherish the process and I am incredibly grateful for the support I have received from the people I’ve encountered throughout this past year. They have become my team, and together, we continue to strive for success.”


Q: How did Haramara discover badminton?

A: Haramara came across badminton while training for basketball. Intrigued by its difficulty, she decided to give it a try and fell in love with the sport.

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Q: What are Haramara’s goals in badminton?

A: Haramara aims to achieve personal milestones in badminton, but her larger goals involve making the sport popular in Mexico. She envisions universities and clubs embracing badminton and establishing leagues for both competitive and recreational play.

Q: What message does Haramara have for women?

A: Haramara encourages women to pursue their goals regardless of societal expectations. She believes that determination is more important than one’s gender.


Haramara Gaitan Fausto, a Mexican badminton player, aspires to secure a place in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics while also working towards popularizing the sport in her country. Her journey with badminton began unexpectedly and quickly captivated her with its challenging nature. Through the sport, Haramara has learned valuable lessons in perseverance and overcoming obstacles. She envisions a future where badminton becomes a widely-played sport in Mexico, with universities and clubs hosting leagues for both competitive and recreational players. Haramara’s determination and success serve as an inspiration to women, encouraging them to pursue their goals regardless of societal limitations. Throughout her journey, she has developed a deeper appreciation for badminton and the support she has received along the way.