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Welcome to the world of badminton! In this article, we will introduce you to a talented player named Uriel Francisco Canjura from El Salvador. He has made his mark in the sport of badminton with his skills and determination. Get ready to dive into his journey, accomplishments, and aspirations as a singles player in this thrilling sport.

Uriel Francisco Canjura: A Rising Star

Uriel Francisco Canjura hails from Suchitoto, El Salvador, and began his badminton journey at the age of 9. It all started when his stepfather, who worked in the federation, introduced him to this exciting sport. Despite initially being a soccer enthusiast, Uriel quickly fell in love with badminton. Instead of footballs, his parents gave him rackets, and the rest is history.

Tournaments and Achievements

Uriel has already participated in 15 international tournaments, showcasing his skills on the global stage. His most notable achievement so far was winning in Colombia last year. With each tournament, Uriel continues to gain experience and hone his craft.

Exploring the World through Badminton

Badminton has taken Uriel to various countries, allowing him to experience different cultures and make new friends. He has traveled to 11 countries through his passion for the sport, creating cherished memories along the way.

Chasing Dreams: Short and Medium Term Objectives

Uriel’s ambition knows no bounds. His short-term goal is to win the Pan-American Junior Championships in Canada this year. Looking ahead, he aspires to be one of the best badminton players in America at the Lima Games 2019.

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Balancing Sports and Education

While pursuing his badminton career, Uriel also dedicates time to his education. Currently, he has one more year of school remaining before he plans to study Administration at university. Juggling training and studies can be challenging, but Uriel remains determined to succeed in both realms.

The Key to Success: Commitment and Discipline

Uriel’s commitment and discipline are pivotal in his journey. Creating a schedule that allows him to balance training and studies is crucial. His motivation comes from a sense of responsibility and the desire to avoid disappointing his parents if his academic performance suffers.

Benefits of Badminton

Badminton has brought Uriel many incredible experiences. Through the sport, he has had the opportunity to travel, meet new people, immerse himself in different cultures, and, most importantly, make lasting friendships.

Beyond Badminton: Hobbies and Interests

When Uriel isn’t on the badminton court, he enjoys playing soccer and watching TV. These hobbies provide him with relaxation and entertainment amidst his intense training regimen.

The Role of Coaches and Representation

Uriel’s first coach was his stepfather, Antonio. In El Salvador, there are no individual clubs for badminton; instead, players are represented by the federation.

Badminton in El Salvador

Although badminton may not be as popular in El Salvador as other sports, it is steadily gaining traction. Uriel’s dedication and achievements contribute to the growth and recognition of the sport in his home country.

Uriel’s Journey in the Junior Pan Am Championships

Uriel has been participating in the Junior Pan Am Championships since the age of 10. In the previous edition, he won the silver medal in the U17 category, displaying his talent and potential.

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Q: At what age did Uriel Canjura start playing badminton?

A: Uriel Canjura began playing badminton at the age of 9 in Suchitoto, El Salvador.

Q: How many international tournaments has Uriel participated in?

A: Uriel has already participated in 15 international tournaments.

Q: What is Uriel’s biggest achievement in badminton?

A: Uriel’s biggest achievement so far was winning a tournament in Colombia last year.

Q: How many countries has badminton taken Uriel to?

A: Uriel has traveled to 11 countries through his participation in badminton tournaments.

Q: What are Uriel’s short and medium-term objectives as a badminton player?

A: Uriel aims to win the Pan-American Junior Championships in Canada this year and become one of the best players in America at the Lima Games 2019.


Uriel Francisco Canjura, a talented badminton player from El Salvador, has made waves in the sport with his dedication and skill. From starting his journey at a young age to winning tournaments and representing his country, Uriel’s determination is evident. Balancing his education alongside his badminton career, Uriel continues to strive for excellence. Through badminton, he has not only traveled the world but also formed lifelong friendships and learned about different cultures. Uriel’s achievements inspire aspiring badminton players and contribute to the growth of the sport.