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Badminton Pan America

The Badminton Pan America tournament at Lima 2019 is set to be an incredible showdown of talent and skill. Athletes from 22 countries in our region will be competing for glory and the opportunity to represent their nations on the badminton court. This prestigious event brings together the best players from across the continent, including the new Pan-American champions.

Defending Champions

Kevin Cordon and Michelle Li, the reigning Singles champions, are ready to defend their crowns. In the Doubles category, Phillip Chew, the 2015 champion alongside Sattawat Pongnairat, and Paula Lynn Obanana, the 2015 champion with Eva Lee, will strive to repeat their medal-winning performances with new partners this year.

Strong Contenders

The Pan Am champions of 2019, including Osleni Guerrero, Michelle Li, Rachel Honderich & Kristen Tsai, Nyl Yakura & Jason Ho-Shue, and Joshua Hurlburth-Yu & Josephine Wu, will begin the tournament as favorites. However, they will face tough challenges from the best players in the region.

Past Medalists Return

Previous medalists will also be vying for triumph in Lima. Osleni Guerrero, the runner-up at Toronto 2015 and bronze medalist at Guadalajara 2011, aims to reach the top of the podium. Howard Shu, an Olympic athlete who won bronze in Toronto 2015, is also determined to secure gold. Nelson Javier and William Cabrera, who won bronze in Men’s Doubles at Toronto 2015, have their sights set on the gold medal this time.

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Iris Wang, an Olympic player at Rio 2016, won bronze at Toronto 2015 and now aspires to claim the Women’s Singles crown. Lino Muñoz, an Olympic player, leads the Mexican delegation and hopes to add another Pan American medal to his name, just like his compatriot Andres Lopez. Mario Cuba, who won bronze in Mixed Doubles at Toronto 2015, will be competing for new medals in both Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles.

Quotas and Participants

The number of quotas allocated to each country has been updated. Here is a breakdown of the players from each participating nation:

  • Argentina: Iona Gualdi, Nicolas Oliva
  • Barbados: Damien Howell, Sabrina Scott, Dakeil Thorpe, Tamisha Williams
  • Bolivia: Juanita Siviora
  • Brazil: Ygor Coelho, Fabiana Silva, Artur Pomoceno, Jaqueline Lima, Fabricio Farias, Samia Lima, Francielton Farias, Tamires Dos Santos
  • Canada: Michelle Li, Jason Ho-Shue, Rachel Honderich, Nyl Yakura, Kristen Tsai, Brian Yang, Josephine Wu, and Joshua Hurlburt-Yu
  • Chile: Cristian Araya, Ashley Montre, Ivan León, and Constanza Naranjo
  • Colombia: Juliana Giraldo
  • Costa Rica: Lauren Villalobos and Gianpiero Cavallotti
  • Cuba: Osleni Guerrero, Taymara Oropesa, Leodannis Martinez, Yeily Ortiz, Roberto Herrera, and Marianne González
  • Dominican Republic: Nelson Javier, Nairoby Jimenez, William Cabrera, Bermary Polanco, Cesar Brito, and Claritza Confident
  • Ecuador: Andy Baque and Maria Delia Zambrano
  • El Salvador: Uriel Canjura and Fatima Centeno
  • Guatemala: Kevin Cordon, Nikte Sotomayor, Rodolfo Ramirez, Diana Corleto, Jonathan Solis, Alejandra Paiz, and Ruben Castellanos
  • Guyana: Priyanna Ramdhani and Narayan Ramdhani
  • Jamaica: Gareth Henry, Katherine Wynter, Samuel Ricketts, and Tahlia Richardson
  • Mexico: Lino Muñoz, Haramara Gaitan, Andres Lopez, Sabrina Solis, Luis Montoya, and Adriana Valero
  • Panama: Kyle Seixas and Kelly Yau
  • Peru: Daniela Macias, Mario Cuba, Danica Nishimura, Jose Guevara, Paula La Torre, Daniel La Torre, Ines Castillo, and Diego Mini
  • Suriname: Soren Opti and Dylan Darmohoetomo
  • Trinidad & Tobago: Nekeisha Blake
  • United States: Iris Wang, Howard Shu, Paula Lynn Obanana, Phillip Chew, Jamie Hsu, Ryan Chew, Juei Chen, and Timothy Lam
  • Venezuela: Tiffany Sanchez and Frank Barrios
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Q: When and where is the Badminton Pan America tournament taking place?
A: The tournament will be held in Lima, Peru, as part of the XVIII Pan American Games.

Q: Who are the defending champions?
A: Kevin Cordon and Michelle Li are the defending champions in the Singles category.

Q: Which countries have the most participants in the tournament?
A: Canada, Cuba, and Mexico have the highest number of participants in the tournament.

The Badminton Pan America tournament at Lima 2019 promises to be an exhilarating competition, featuring athletes from 22 countries in our region. With defending champions, strong contenders, and past medalists all vying for glory, the tournament is set to showcase the very best of badminton talent in the Pan American region. Stay tuned for updates on the tournament and cheer on your favorite players as they battle it out for the crown!