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Beiwen Zhang: Rising above Adversity with a Smile

Beiwen Zhang, the talented badminton player, continues to radiate positivity despite facing injury setbacks. Most notably, she suffered a ruptured Achilles during her Round of 16 match at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, Zhang’s cheerful demeanor and light-hearted jokes indicate that she remains undeterred by this unfortunate incident.

Zhang’s journey at the Tokyo Olympics took an unexpected turn when she fell to the ground with a ruptured Achilles, despite her strong start in the match. Reflecting on the incident, she recalls her surprise at the sudden injury and the difficulty she faced in accepting it.

For someone who paved her own path to success and personally managed her training, Zhang’s premature exit from the tournament was a bitter pill to swallow. However, she discusses the ordeal matter-of-factly, occasionally injecting humor into her narrative.

While the pain she experienced on the court was immense, the challenges she faced during surgery and rehabilitation were even more daunting. Remarkably, Zhang’s speedy recovery astounded her doctors, who considered it the quickest they had ever witnessed for such an injury.

Interestingly, Zhang’s predominant emotion throughout this journey has been happiness – happiness at being able to play the sport she loves. There is no trace of regret or bitterness in her words. Instead, she encourages others to focus on finding happiness and not succumbing to sadness and worry.

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Despite the significant setback, Zhang never questioned “why me?” or dwelled on the effort she had put into reaching the Olympics. She emphasizes that everyone faces different circumstances in life, and accepting one’s situation is paramount to finding joy and resilience.

Now, at the YONEX All England, Zhang prepares for her comeback. As a self-funded athlete who shouldered a portion of the surgery costs and rehabilitation expenses, her determination and passion shine through.

Setting aside any expectations, Zhang’s primary goal is to enjoy her return to the court and assess her current level of play. She aims to identify areas for improvement, especially concerning her recovering leg. Regardless of the outcome, Zhang’s love for the sport remains steadfast.

In conclusion, Beiwen Zhang’s unwavering spirit and positive mindset serve as an inspiration to athletes and individuals alike. Her journey illustrates the importance of resilience, finding happiness in adversity, and staying true to one’s passion.


Q: How did Beiwen Zhang handle her injury at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

A: Despite suffering a ruptured Achilles, Zhang maintains a positive outlook and even jokes about her misfortune. She swiftly accepted her situation, allowing herself only a week of sadness before mentally recovering and preparing for her comeback.

Q: What is Zhang’s approach to her return to badminton?

A: Zhang is not burdened by expectations. Instead, she focuses on enjoying the sport and evaluating her current level of play. She is keen to identify areas for improvement, particularly concerning her recovering leg.

Q: How did Zhang’s self-funded journey to recovery demonstrate her determination?

A: Zhang shouldered a percentage of the surgery costs and all rehabilitation expenses. Her commitment and determination are evident, as she pursued her recovery despite the financial burden.

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Beiwen Zhang, an exceptional badminton player, showcases remarkable resilience and positivity in the face of adversity. Despite suffering a ruptured Achilles during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Zhang maintains a cheerful demeanor and even finds humor in her situation. Her quick acceptance of the injury allowed her to mentally recover and prepare for her comeback. During her return at the YONEX All England, Zhang focuses on enjoying the sport and assessing her current level of play. Her self-funded journey to recovery showcases her determination and passion, serving as an inspiration to others.