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Badminton Pan America

Badminton in the region has been experiencing steady growth, thanks to the dedication of coaches like Anderson Andres from Brazil. These coaches understand the benefits of our sport and are actively sharing it with children and young people in their cities.

Anderson’s journey with badminton began about 7 years ago when he responded to the need for a badminton teacher in his city. Despite having limited knowledge of the sport, he took charge of a course and gradually learned more about badminton, while also sharing his newfound knowledge with others.

“When I started in badminton, I didn’t know much about it. In my city, there was a foundation that had badminton materials, but no one to teach. So, even though I had limited knowledge, I started teaching badminton in some schools. The children really enjoyed the classes, and as I learned more, their enthusiasm grew. Within a year, we had 100 children practicing badminton in my city.”

Over time, Anderson continued to expand his knowledge and skills in badminton coaching, achieving goals he hadn’t initially envisioned.

“When I started, I didn’t have many prospects. But I ended up coaching athletes in the national team and international tournaments. We formed a strong team. Now, my dream is to train high-performance athletes who are highly competitive.”

One of the key training experiences that contributed to Anderson’s growth as a coach was attending a level 3 coaching course held in our region last year. The course provided him with an opportunity to exchange experiences with coaches from across the continent and gain new insights for the benefit of his country.

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“For me, it was a unique opportunity to participate in a course with the best coaches in America. I learned a lot and had the chance to share experiences with other coaches. It completely changed my perspective and introduced me to various teaching methods and possibilities to enhance my coaching. I feel much more capable of implementing new methods and training approaches for my athletes.”

Despite the sport’s growing popularity, many people in Brazil and our region are still unfamiliar with badminton. Anderson has a clear message for them, emphasizing the value of badminton and its potential benefits for our continent.

“To all the coaches out there, I would say that practicing and teaching badminton is truly rewarding. The personal fulfillment that comes with this sport is immense. Badminton is easy to learn and children and young people enjoy it. It’s a sport worth promoting and spreading.”

Anderson Andres

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Q: What inspired Anderson Andres to start teaching badminton?
A: Anderson saw the need for a badminton teacher in his city and decided to take charge of a course, even though he had limited knowledge of the sport.

Q: How did Anderson’s coaching journey progress?
A: As Anderson continued teaching badminton, he learned more about the sport and achieved unexpected success, coaching athletes in the national team and international tournaments.

Q: How did a level 3 coaching course contribute to Anderson’s growth as a coach?
A: The level 3 coaching course provided Anderson with an opportunity to learn from the best coaches in America and exchange experiences with his peers. It expanded his teaching methods and made him more capable of implementing new training approaches.

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Q: What message does Anderson have for coaches and people unaware of badminton?
A: Anderson believes that practicing and teaching badminton is highly rewarding. He highlights the ease of learning the sport and encourages coaches to promote and spread it.


Badminton Pan America continues to grow, thanks to dedicated coaches like Anderson Andres. He started teaching badminton with limited knowledge but gradually learned more, sharing his passion for the sport with children and young people. Through his coaching journey, Anderson achieved remarkable success, including coaching athletes in the national team and international tournaments. Attending a level 3 coaching course further expanded his knowledge and skills, enabling him to implement innovative training methods. Anderson emphasizes the value of badminton and encourages coaches and the public to explore and promote this enjoyable sport.

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