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Badminton Pan America

Ygor Coelho De Oliveira, a talented badminton player from Brazil, is making waves in the sport. Let’s get to know him better and find out about his journey and aspirations.

How did Ygor Coelho De Oliveira discover badminton?

Ygor’s love for badminton began at a young age, thanks to his father. His father, who was part of a team, introduced him to the sport. At just 3 years old, Ygor’s father played with him using a racket he had cut down to size. From that moment on, Ygor was hooked on badminton and couldn’t get enough of it.

When did Ygor decide to pursue badminton professionally?

Initially, Ygor never planned to play badminton on an international level. However, everything changed when he witnessed the Pan American Games in Rio 2007. It was at this event that he saw Chairmaine Reid, an Olympic athlete from Canada, at his training club. Seeing an athlete of that caliber inspired Ygor to dream big and set his sights on competing on the international stage.

What are Ygor’s goals for this year?

Ygor has set ambitious goals for himself this year. His primary objective is to win the Pan American Games. In addition, he aims to secure one of the best quotas for the Olympic qualification, further solidifying his position as a top badminton player.

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The challenges of being a high-level athlete

Being a high-level athlete comes with its own set of difficulties. For Ygor, one of the toughest aspects is the loneliness that comes from traveling to tournaments without the company of family or friends. Despite this, Ygor remains focused on his dreams and uses them as motivation to stay on track.

Finding inspiration to keep going

Maintaining focus and finding inspiration are key for Ygor. He believes in approaching each competition with a mindset of enjoyment, understanding that wins and losses are part of the game. Ygor keeps his eyes on the road ahead, always thinking about what comes next.

Ygor’s biggest inspiration

When asked about his biggest inspiration in the badminton world, Ygor immediately mentions Lin Dan. The legendary player has left a lasting impact on Ygor and serves as a role model for his own career.

Ygor’s experience in the Denmark League

Ygor describes his experience playing in the Denmark League as magnificent. Competing against the best players in the world has allowed him to grow both mentally and physically. The constant competition and exposure to top-level opponents have helped Ygor improve his game.

Advice for aspiring young badminton players

Ygor’s message to young people starting their badminton journey is simple yet powerful: Never give up, despite the difficulties. He emphasizes the importance of dedication, hard work, and making the most of opportunities that come your way. Ygor believes that with perseverance, dreams can become a reality.

Ygor expresses his gratitude to everyone for their support and encourages them to continue following his sports career. He believes that public interest in badminton benefits both the sport and the athletes. With upcoming competitions like the Pan American Games and his quest for Olympic qualification, Ygor asks for continued support and invites fans to follow the thrilling journey of Pan American badminton.

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