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After months of intense competition, the city to host the 2027 Pan American Games has finally been decided. This article will take you through the exciting journey that led to the selection of the host city and the significance of this prestigious event.

The Selection Process

On a Tuesday morning in Miami, the Extraordinary General Assembly of Panam Sports commenced with the official presentations from the candidate cities, Lima, Peru, and Asuncion, Paraguay. Both cities put forward compelling 40-minute presentations, showcasing their capabilities and support from their respective governments. Following the presentations, the participating member countries had the opportunity to ask questions to clarify any doubts.

The Virtual Vote

To ensure a fair and transparent selection process, a virtual vote was conducted by the esteemed British company Lumi. The President of the Panam Sports Legal Commission, Michael Chambers, then presented the winning city in a sealed envelope to the highest authority of the continental organization. And the winner was…

Congratulations to Lima, Peru!

Amidst boundless joy, the representatives of Lima and the entire country of Peru celebrated their victory. After successfully hosting the XVIII Pan American Games in 2019, the continent’s most important multi-sport event will return to Peruvian soil in 2027.

Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic, commended the transparency of the selection process and praised the healthy competition between the two nations. He congratulated Lima, Peru, and the President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee, Renzo Manyari, for their tremendous achievement. He acknowledged their previous success and expressed confidence in their ability to surpass it in 2027 with their experience and spectacular infrastructure.

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A Message to Paraguay

President Ilic also took the opportunity to congratulate Paraguay and its NOC President, Camilo Perez. He commended their efforts in developing Paraguayan sports and urged them to continue growing. Paraguay has a significant challenge ahead with the Junior Pan American Games in 2025, and President Ilic believes they will excel as hosts for the entire continent.

An Exciting Future

Renzo Manyari, President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee, expressed his happiness and gratitude for the victory. He assured everyone that they would strive to create an unparalleled experience for all participants, backed by the unwavering support of over 33 million Peruvians. Manyari extended his gratitude to President Dina Boluarte for her unwavering support, emphasizing the motto “Together We Win!”


Q: How were the candidate cities chosen?

A: The cities of Lima, Peru, and Asuncion, Paraguay were selected as candidates for the 2027 Pan American Games. The decision was made after an intense evaluation process.

Q: Who conducted the virtual vote?

A: The virtual vote to determine the host city was conducted by the renowned British company Lumi. This ensured a fair and unbiased selection process.

Q: What does this mean for Lima, Peru?

A: Lima, Peru, is overjoyed at the opportunity to host the Pan American Games once again. After their successful hosting in 2019, they are eager to showcase their experience and remarkable infrastructure to create an unforgettable event in 2027.


The 2027 Pan American Games will be held in Lima, Peru, following a rigorous selection process. After presenting their compelling cases, Lima emerged as the deserving host city. Panam Sports President Neven Ilic commended the transparency of the process and congratulated both Lima and Paraguay for their efforts. With their previous success and unwavering support, Lima aims to surpass expectations and create an extraordinary experience for all participants. Together, let’s look forward to the 2027 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru.

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