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Badminton Pan America

A few months ago, Lino Muñoz, a trailblazer in Mexican badminton, made the difficult decision to retire from the sport. With two Olympic participations, Pan American medals, and various international achievements under his belt, Muñoz reflects on his incredible journey. Badminton has always been his driving force, inspiring him every day to pursue his goals. However, the sacrifices of being a high-performance athlete, the extensive travel, and the physical toll took its toll on him.

A New Chapter

Muñoz explains that after the Olympic Games, he felt the need to turn the page and seek a different path. He desired a change in his approach and wanted to spend more time at home. Unfortunately, due to the lack of necessary conditions to qualify for the next Olympics, Muñoz decided it was time to say goodbye to competitive badminton. Despite the challenges, he remains calm and satisfied with his accomplishments, eager to embrace new opportunities.

Upcoming Projects

One of Muñoz’s ventures is a German company that he brought to Mexico, specializing in marketing and renting interactive sports screens. This endeavor excites him as it aligns with his passion for sports and aims to encourage physical activity. Additionally, Muñoz is nearing the completion of an MBA in business. Currently, he still plays for his club occasionally and continues to support young players.

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Future Plans

Although coaching is not currently on Muñoz’s mind, he remains open to the possibility of contributing as a coach if the right opportunity arises. He also made a notable appearance on a reality show, which boosted his career and popularized badminton, ultimately leading to increased support and sponsorships.

Reflecting on Achievements

Muñoz’s greatest achievement is undoubtedly qualifying for the Olympic Games. Being the first Mexican man to achieve this feat holds a special place in his heart. From a young age, Muñoz dreamt of representing his country on the Olympic stage, and his dedication and determination made it a reality.

A Journey of Growth

Muñoz credits his parents and his own relentless pursuit of improvement for his accomplishments. Despite the lack of resources and support for badminton in Mexico, Muñoz took it upon himself to explore international tournaments, learn from other players and coaches, and continuously improve his skills.

Inspiring Others

Muñoz acknowledges that he has much to contribute to Mexican badminton. His experience, motivation, and technical knowledge can inspire young players. Sharing his journey, both the joys and the challenges, adds value to his role as a mentor and motivator.

Beyond the Sport

Aside from his sporting achievements, Muñoz cherishes the friendships he has formed along the way. Meeting inspiring individuals and experiencing different cultures have been unexpected yet invaluable aspects of his badminton career.

A Message to Aspiring Players

Muñoz’s message to young players is one of obsession. He believes that being truly devoted to your dreams is the key to success. Talent alone is not enough; it is the passion and dedication that sets individuals apart.

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Gratitude and Recognition

Muñoz expresses his heartfelt gratitude to the countless individuals who supported him throughout his journey. From his parents’ unwavering support to the coaches, teachers, and even those who played seemingly small roles, Muñoz acknowledges their significance in his development and success.

Defining Lino Muñoz

In a single sentence, Lino Muñoz is described as a dedicated and tenacious individual with a deep love for sport.


Q: What are Lino Muñoz’s upcoming projects?

A: Lino Muñoz has ventured into the marketing and rental of interactive sports screens through a German company he brought to Mexico. Additionally, he is close to completing an MBA in business.

Q: Does Lino Muñoz have plans to become a coach?

A: While coaching is not currently his focus, Lino Muñoz remains open to opportunities to contribute as a coach in the future.

Q: What has been Lino Muñoz’s greatest sports achievement?

A: Lino Muñoz considers qualifying for the Olympic Games to be his most significant achievement, as he became the first Mexican man to do so.

Q: How did Lino Muñoz achieve his goals and continue to grow as an athlete?

A: Lino Muñoz attributes his success to his parents’ support and his own determination to transcend limitations. He sought opportunities to train with international players, learn from coaches, and continuously improve his skills.


Lino Muñoz, a pioneer in Mexican badminton, recently retired from competitive play after achieving remarkable success. Despite the challenges of being a high-performance athlete, Muñoz remains satisfied with his achievements and looks forward to new endeavors. His ventures include promoting interactive sports screens and pursuing an MBA. While coaching is not currently on his radar, he remains open to the possibility. Reflecting on his journey, Muñoz appreciates the friendships and cultural experiences badminton has brought him. He encourages aspiring players to embrace obsession as a driving force. Overall, Muñoz’s dedication, passion, and love for sport define his incredible story.

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