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Jayci Simon’s Journey: Rising Above Dwarfism Through Badminton

When Jayci Simon received a dwarfism diagnosis at the age of seven, it was a challenging time for her. However, she found solace in sports, which became an avenue for her personal growth. In 2015, at a Little People of America event, Simon discovered badminton, a sport that captured her attention with its incredibly fast-moving shuttlecock.

Starting in her own backyard, Simon’s dedication and love for the game led her to achieve remarkable success in a short span of time. She triumphed in women’s doubles and secured a silver medal at her first international tournament, the Pan Am Para Badminton Championships in 2018. Since then, she has continued to excel, earning multiple SH6 medals and climbing up to the 8th position in the world rankings for women’s doubles. Remarkably, Simon achieved these milestones without a permanent coach or a fixed training center.

Simon’s journey has been nothing short of amazing. Reflecting on her progress, she admits, “It’s been crazy. I never dreamed of being in this place, but it’s been fun. It’s so much fun just to be able to challenge myself.” Simon’s resourcefulness and determination have played a significant role in her success. Whenever she comes across new resources, she seizes the opportunity to improve her skills.

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Prior to her diagnosis, Simon faced difficulties as her growth was not progressing as expected. This led to a time of uncertainty for her and her loved ones. However, the dwarfism diagnosis brought relief, as it meant that Simon would have short stature without the accompanying complications associated with other conditions.

For Simon, badminton became more than just a sport; it provided her with a level playing field where she could compete with other athletes of short stature. Her mother, Amy, has been an unwavering support, accompanying her to all her tournaments. Amy shares, “I never imagined traveling the world with her and following her around to all these different countries and seeing her pour her heart into badminton.”

Since embarking on her sporting journey eight years ago, Simon has had one goal in mind: competing in the Paralympics. Her eyes are set on Paris 2024, where she hopes to stand on the podium and receive a medal as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Simon is already on the right track, having recently won the women’s doubles event with her partner Yasmina Eissa at the Brazil Para Badminton International 2023. Her next challenge awaits at the Thailand Para Badminton International in Pattaya, where she continues to chase her dreams.


Q: How did Jayci Simon discover badminton?

A: Jayci Simon discovered badminton at a Little People of America event in 2015, three years after receiving a dwarfism diagnosis.

Q: What are Jayci Simon’s achievements in badminton?

A: Jayci Simon has achieved remarkable success in badminton, including winning a silver medal in women’s doubles at the Pan Am Para Badminton Championships in 2018. She has also earned multiple SH6 medals and climbed to the 8th position in the world rankings for women’s doubles.

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Jayci Simon, a young badminton player with dwarfism, has defied the odds and excelled in the sport. Despite facing challenges, Simon’s dedication, resourcefulness, and love for the game have propelled her to numerous achievements. From winning medals to climbing up the rankings, she has proven that hard work knows no bounds. With her eyes set on the Paris 2024 Paralympics, Simon continues to inspire others with her unwavering determination. Follow her inspiring journey as she competes on the global stage and strives for excellence in the world of badminton.