Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

Pan Am Champion and globally renowned badminton player, Michelle Li, has become a revered figure with a substantial following in our region and around the world. Currently ranked 13th in the world, Michelle’s journey to the top of the badminton world has been characterized by hard work and determination.

As a Canadian star, Michelle reached her career-best ranking in 2014 after achieving remarkable success in tournaments worldwide. However, her path to success has not been without its challenges. Unlike many Asian players who have access to comprehensive support systems including coaches and physiotherapists, Pan American players like Michelle face a lack of resources. Nevertheless, Michelle remains undeterred, believing in her own abilities and persevering through the obstacles.

Michelle’s decision to pursue a career at the peak of world badminton exemplifies the determination and passion that drives many athletes in love with their sport. Building on her experience gained from competing in Pan Am tournaments at a young age, Michelle aspired to compete among the best players on the world stage, willing to put in the necessary work to achieve her goals.

Representing her country and our region, Michelle has successfully competed on some of the biggest stages in badminton. This year is particularly significant as she embarks on the qualification process for a new challenge – Tokyo 2020. Additionally, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to win another Pan-American medal at the upcoming Pan Am Games Lima 2019.

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Michelle’s journey serves as an inspiration to countless athletes in our region who aspire to follow in her footsteps and excel in badminton. Her years of experience and consistent results offer valuable advice: work hard, believe in your talent, and let your faith outweigh your fears.


Q: How did Michelle Li achieve her best world ranking position?
A: Michelle Li achieved her best world ranking position in 2014 after winning multiple tournaments around the world.

Q: What challenges did Michelle face as a Pan American player?
A: As a Pan American player, Michelle faced challenges due to a lack of resources and support that many Asian players enjoy, such as dedicated coaches and physiotherapists.

Q: What is Michelle’s goal for this year?
A: Michelle’s goal for this year is to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and win a new Pan-American Games medal in Lima 2019.


Michelle Li, a prominent badminton player in Pan America, has achieved significant success in her career. Despite facing challenges as a Pan American player with limited resources, Michelle’s determination and hard work have propelled her to compete on the world stage. This year, Michelle aims to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and secure a medal at the Pan-American Games Lima 2019. Her journey serves as an inspiration to athletes in our region, reminding them to work hard, believe in their talent, and let their faith surpass their fears. For more information, visit our website here.