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Badminton in Pan America

Carlos M. Maldonado González: A Passionate Advocate for Badminton

Carlos M. Maldonado González, the National Coordinator for the Puerto Rico Badminton Federation, has dedicated his life to promoting badminton in his community. Growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood, Carlos faced many challenges, but his parents instilled in him the importance of education and personal development. With their support, Carlos pursued his passion for badminton, ultimately becoming a crucial figure in the sport in Puerto Rico.

Discovering the Beauty of Badminton

Carlos first encountered badminton while teaching physical education. Seeking to offer his students a unique experience, he introduced them to racket sports. From that moment, he fell in love with badminton, captivated by its grace and elegance.

Nurturing the Sport

Although a badminton federation had existed on paper since 1994, it wasn’t until Pedro Blach arrived in Puerto Rico that the sport gained momentum. Carlos joined the federation as a coach and later became its Secretary General. One of his most cherished memories is leading the technical direction of the 2009 Junior Pan Am, where he had the opportunity to work closely with David Carton, the referee in charge. This experience laid the groundwork for his involvement in the 2010 Central American Games in Mayaguez.

Making Badminton Accessible

Carlos’s dedication to badminton extended beyond the school environment. He started promoting the sport in 1996, focusing on non-traditional and lesser-known sports like badminton. Despite limited resources, Carlos succeeded in developing talented players for the national team by reaching out to the community. In 2001, he took on the role of Secretary General for the federation, further advancing the sport’s growth.

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The Impact of Shuttle Time

In 2011, Carlos and his team launched the Shuttle Time project in Puerto Rico, making it the first country in Latin America to adopt the initiative. Initially well-received by the school community, the project faced challenges due to socio-political changes that significantly affected the educational system. Many recruited teachers left the country in search of better opportunities in the United States, leading to a decline in the program. However, Carlos remains committed to revitalizing the project and continues to engage with the Ministry of Education to gain support for its implementation.


Q: How did Carlos Maldonado González become involved in badminton?
A: Carlos discovered badminton while teaching physical education and was immediately drawn to the sport’s elegance and beauty.

Q: What role did Carlos play in developing badminton in Puerto Rico?
A: Carlos joined the federation as a coach and later became the Secretary General. He played a vital role in advancing badminton and even led the technical direction of major events.

Q: How has Carlos contributed to the growth of badminton in the community?
A: Carlos started promoting badminton in schools in 1996, introducing the sport to students and developing young talent. His efforts extended beyond the school environment, fostering the sport’s growth in the community.


Carlos M. Maldonado González, the National Coordinator for the Puerto Rico Badminton Federation, has been a driving force behind the development of badminton in Puerto Rico. From his humble beginnings in a disadvantaged neighborhood, he has dedicated himself to promoting the sport and nurturing its growth in the community. Carlos’s commitment to badminton has led him to serve in key positions within the federation, and his leadership has been instrumental in organizing major events. Despite challenges, Carlos remains focused on expanding the Shuttle Time project and securing support from the Ministry of Education. If you’re passionate about badminton, get inspired by Carlos’s journey and join the growing badminton community in Pan America.

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