Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Badminton Pan America

The sport of Para badminton continues to grow and gain recognition on the international stage. After a successful Paralympic debut in September, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has announced exciting developments for the sport at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

16 Medal Events at Paris 2024
Para badminton will have a total of 16 medal events at Paris 2024, which is two more than at Tokyo 2020. This increase highlights the ever-increasing popularity and significance of the sport.

Equal Opportunities for Men and Women
For the first time, women’s singles SL3 and women’s singles SH6 will be introduced, ensuring equal representation and an equal number of singles events for men and women. This move reflects the IPC’s commitment to providing greater competition opportunities for women in Para sports.

A Reward for Hard Work
The Badminton World Federation (BWF) President Poul-Erik Høyer expressed his delight at the quota increase and commended the Para badminton community for their hard work in securing a place within the Paralympic family.

Record Number of Medal Events for Women
Paris 2024 will feature a record 235 medal events for women, eight more than Tokyo 2020. This increase represents a significant step forward in promoting gender equality and celebrating the achievements of female athletes.

Preparations for Paris 2024
With the medal events program and athlete quotas now announced, National Paralympic Committees and athletes can begin their preparations for what promises to be a spectacular Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

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The inclusion of more medal events and the focus on equal opportunities for men and women in Para badminton demonstrates the sport’s continuous growth and commitment to inclusivity. As we look forward to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, excitement builds for the incredible achievements and performances that lie ahead. Get ready to be inspired by the exceptional talents of Para badminton athletes from around the world.