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Peru’s former badminton player and current national team coach, Christina Aicardi, is dedicated to making a positive impact on the sport in her country. Her focus is not only on high-performance badminton but also on training new coaches in Peru.

Christina’s journey into coaching was unexpected. Despite her plans being different, she found herself drawn to the field of education and teaching badminton. As she embraced coaching, she discovered her passion for developing players and the personal growth it offered her. Now, she cannot imagine herself doing anything else.

Many athletes turned coaches choose to emulate the coaching style of their mentors, while others opt to carve their own path. Regardless, they all undergo a process of adaptation where they identify their unique coaching methods and undergo personal growth to become better coaches.

For Christina, this transition was a significant learning experience. She initially embraced a behavioral coaching style but soon realized that a balanced approach was necessary. While she aimed to help athletes analyze situations, she also recognized the importance of providing structure and guidance when needed.

Last year, Christina participated in the BWF Coaches Level 3 Course, which took place in our region. This course equipped her with valuable tools to refine her coaching style and effectively connect with her players. It encouraged self-reflection, helping her determine whether she leaned towards a behaviorist or a constructivist coaching approach. Above all, the course inspired her to explore alternative strategies to engage with her players.

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Continuous training is crucial for professionals in any field, including coaching. Christina understands the significance of ongoing education and improvement. She has pursued various training opportunities to enhance her coaching abilities, recognizing that breaking away from traditional patterns and acquiring new tools is vital when working with different players and game scenarios.

As a coach, Christina has big dreams for herself and her players. She aims to achieve success at the Pan American and Olympic levels, surpassing the accomplishments of previous Peruvian badminton teams. Additionally, she aspires to delve into a specific area of interest within the sport and conduct a professional study through a university program dedicated to badminton.


Q: How did Christina Aicardi become a badminton coach?
A: Christina became a coach unexpectedly, as it was not part of her original plans. However, her passion for education and teaching badminton led her to venture into coaching. She found joy in helping players develop and decided to embrace the coaching path.

Q: What approach does Christina take in her coaching style?
A: Christina initially adopted a behavioral coaching style but realized the need for a balanced approach. While she encourages players to analyze situations, she also understands that there are times when structure and guidance are necessary.

Q: How has training helped Christina in her coaching career?
A: Christina believes that continuous training is vital for coaches. It enables them to stay updated, break away from traditional patterns, and acquire new tools to work effectively with different players and game scenarios.

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In the world of badminton, Christina Aicardi, a former player turned coach, is making significant contributions to the sport in Peru. Her passion for education and teaching badminton led her to become a coach, and she has since found immense fulfillment in helping players develop their skills. Christina understands the importance of continuous training and has actively sought opportunities to improve her coaching abilities. She dreams of reaching new heights at the Pan American and Olympic levels and hopes to conduct professional research in a specific area of interest within badminton. Through her dedication and commitment, Christina is not only shaping the future of badminton in Peru but also inspiring others to pursue their dreams in the sport.

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