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Badminton Pan America

Para badminton’s inclusion in the Paralympic Games for the first time brought excitement to the athletes, including Vitor Tavares. With strategic precision, Tavares steadily advanced through his opponents, earning him a spot in the world rankings. Reflecting on his journey, Tavares acknowledges the intense competition he faced, particularly against England’s Jack Shepard. However, just as his dreams of participating in the Paralympics were within reach, the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, leading to the cancellation and postponement of events.

Amidst these challenging times, Tavares has adapted to a new training routine. Unable to enjoy the park or the gym, he relies on constant guidance from his coach and personal trainer. Analyzing videos of himself and his opponents, along with other training methods, helps him stay focused on his goals. Additionally, Tavares works closely with his psychologist to overcome the psychological barriers that have hindered his performance on the court.

Tavares’ dedication to badminton is evident. Within a few years of starting the sport, he achieved multiple gold medals in various categories. Despite the sacrifices he has made, such as deferring his university degree, Tavares remains determined to pursue his education in Physical Education.

Although the disruption in his training schedule has been challenging, Tavares maintains his physical fitness to ensure he is ready to compete when the time comes. He appreciates the break from the circuit, which allows him to relax at home, catch up on movies, and reflect on his personal growth and future aspirations.

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Vitor Tavares


Can you provide some insights into Tavares’ journey in Para badminton?

Tavares began his badminton career in 2016 and quickly established himself as a formidable player. In just two years, he secured multiple gold medals at the Pan Am Para Badminton Championships. He later clinched the men’s singles gold at the Lima 2019 Para Pan American Games, solidifying his position as Brazil’s medal hopeful in Tokyo. Tavares’ dedication and determination are evident in his continuous pursuit of improvement both on and off the court.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Tavares’ training and aspirations?

The global pandemic brought uncertainty and disappointment for Tavares as the Paralympics and numerous sports tournaments were canceled or postponed. Tavares had to adapt to a new training routine at home, relying on remote guidance from his coach and personal trainer. Despite the disruption, Tavares remains committed to maintaining his physical fitness and mental well-being, using this time to reflect on his goals and plan for the future.


Vitor Tavares, a rising star in Para badminton, excelled in his journey towards the Paralympic Games. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tavares remains focused and determined to continue his pursuit of excellence. With a strong support system, Tavares has adapted to new training methods and remains driven to achieve his goals. His dedication to the sport is matched by his desire to pursue a university degree in Physical Education. Tavares’ story is an inspiration to athletes everywhere, reminding us that with resilience and determination, we can overcome any obstacle and strive for success.

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