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Connie Moreno: A Passionate Advocate for Badminton in Colombia

Connie Moreno, a lawyer and public accountant, has embraced the world of badminton in a unique way, making significant contributions to the Colombia Badminton Federation Executive Committee. Let’s delve into her inspiring journey below.


Connie Moreno’s background in Sports Management has propelled her to become the Chair of the “Women in Badminton” program of Badminton Pan Am and the General Secretary of the Colombia Badminton Federation. Despite not having a previous affiliation with the sport, Connie’s professional career helped her discover and appreciate the beauty of badminton.

A New Perspective on Sports Federations

“Unlike many women who are athletes or have been involved in sports in some capacity, I was introduced to badminton as an adult,” Connie explains. “Initially, I provided legal, administrative, and financial advice to Colombian sports federations and the non-profit organization, Colombia Sports Foundation. Through my involvement and a fresh outlook on the technical, administrative, financial, and legal aspects of federations, I was recognized for a management role within the Colombian Federation of Badminton and as the President of the Colombia Sports Foundation.”

Commitment to Colombian Badminton

Beyond her initial role as President of the Colombia Badminton Federation from 2014 to 2017, Connie has continued her dedication to the development of the sport in Colombia. She perceives this commitment as an opportunity to contribute to society, particularly in areas affected by violence and crime. Connie is committed to motivating children in vulnerable areas to embrace badminton as a means of personal growth and empowerment.

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Personal and Professional Growth

Connie’s involvement in badminton over the years has brought her immense satisfaction, both personally and professionally. “Badminton has not only provided me with great experiences but has also helped me grow as a professional and as an individual. It has allowed me to overcome my fears, forge strong friendships with individuals worldwide, and, most importantly, improve the lives of children living in vulnerable areas of Colombia by introducing them to badminton.”

Fostering Growth in Colombian Badminton

Connie recognizes the significance of sports in the development of her country. Her aim is to expand the reach and impact of badminton in Colombia. She strives to increase the number of athletes and enhance participation in the technical and administrative aspects of the sport. By doing so, she believes badminton can positively influence the lives and well-being of Colombian youth.

Overcoming Challenges

Connie’s journey into the sports sector was not without its share of difficulties. However, her perseverance and determination helped her navigate through unfamiliar territories and assume leadership positions within the federation. She acknowledges the responsibility that comes with these positions and has dedicated herself to continuous learning and professional growth in the field of sports.

Empowering Women in Badminton

As the Chair of the “Women in Badminton” program, Connie aims to highlight and support the pivotal role women play in the sport. Drawing from her own experience, she has a message for women involved in badminton: “You are capable of achieving remarkable goals. Do not be afraid to explore new opportunities and embrace new experiences. There are no limits when it comes to pursuing your dreams.”

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Through her passion for badminton and her unwavering dedication, Connie Moreno is transforming the landscape of Colombian badminton, empowering individuals, and enriching the lives of countless children. Her contribution extends far beyond the sport, creating opportunities for personal growth, community development, and social change.


How did Connie Moreno become involved in badminton?

Connie Moreno’s involvement in badminton began later in life, thanks to her professional career. Through her work in providing legal, administrative, and financial advice to Colombian sports federations, she developed a unique perspective on the approach federations should adopt. Her expertise and dedication led to her current roles in the Colombian Badminton Federation.

What is the “Women in Badminton” program?

The “Women in Badminton” program, of which Connie Moreno is the Chair, aims to recognize and support the crucial role women play in the sport. It seeks to empower women in badminton and encourage their active participation and leadership.

How has badminton impacted Connie Moreno’s life?

Badminton has had a profound impact on Connie Moreno’s personal and professional life. It has helped her grow as an individual, overcome challenges, and forge strong relationships within the badminton community. Moreover, badminton has given her the opportunity to improve the lives of children in vulnerable areas of Colombia, offering them a positive alternative through sports.


Connie Moreno’s journey into badminton exemplifies the transformative power of the sport. From her initial entry into the sports sector to her current roles in the Colombia Badminton Federation, Connie has demonstrated unwavering commitment and passion for the development of badminton in Colombia. Through the “Women in Badminton” program and her ongoing efforts, Connie continues to empower women, foster community development, and enhance the lives of Colombian youth. Her inspiring story serves as a testament to the potential of sports to bring about personal and societal change.

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