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Badminton in Pan America

Name: Jean Paul Ortiz Vargas
City/Country: Bogota, Colombia
Birth Date: 04/07/1983
Specialty: Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles
Category: SU5

Jean Paul Ortiz Vargas, a talented badminton player from Bogota, Colombia, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of Para-Badminton. With a passion for the sport, Jean Paul has participated in various tournaments, showcasing his skills and determination. In this interview, we dive into his journey, explore his goals, and gain insights into the sacrifices and rewards that come with being a professional badminton player.

A Journey Fueled by Passion

Jean Paul reveals that he started playing badminton three years ago after receiving an offer from his Federation. His mission was to help pioneer, promote, and organize Para-Badminton in Colombia. Since then, he has dedicated himself to mastering the sport.

Tournaments and Achievements

Participating in several tournaments, Jean Paul’s best result thus far has been securing a fifth-place finish. Although he strives for more success, he values the experience gained through each competition.

From One Country to Another

Through badminton, Jean Paul has had the opportunity to travel to various countries. Peru holds a special place in his heart as the first country he visited for the sport.

Badminton Pan America

Goals on the Horizon

Looking forward, Jean Paul has his sights set on participating in upcoming tournaments, winning a medal in the Pan-American Games, and ultimately representing his country in the Olympic Games. His determination and drive push him to constantly improve and strive for excellence.

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Balancing Commitment and Responsibility

While pursuing his badminton career, Jean Paul also juggles other roles such as being a coach and a school teacher. Although it can be challenging at times, his love for the sport allows him to find the balance between work and training.

Badminton Pan America

The Foundation of Success: Commitment and Discipline

When it comes to maintaining commitment and discipline, Jean Paul attributes his success to humility, passion, and respect. These qualities serve as the foundation for his personal and professional growth.

Beyond Sporting Accomplishments

Badminton has given Jean Paul more than just sporting achievements. It has provided him with a job and the opportunity to be a pioneer in a meaningful project. Being a role model and an ambassador for the sport comes with great responsibility, and Jean Paul takes immense pride in his role.

Badminton Pan America

Embracing Life’s Simple Pleasures

When Jean Paul is not on the badminton court, he cherishes moments spent with family and indulges in watching movies, particularly those in the comic book genre.

The Coaches Who Shape Us

Dagoberto Corredor holds the distinction of being Jean Paul’s first coach, instilling in him the skills and techniques that have helped shape his badminton career.

Representing the Conventional Badminton Selection

Currently, Jean Paul represents the conventional badminton selection in Bogota. His dedication to the sport and passion for representing his country shine through in his performances.

Para-Badminton’s Growing Popularity

While Para-Badminton is not widely popular in Colombia, Jean Paul acknowledges that the sport is steadily gaining recognition and popularity.

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Badminton Pan America

A Message of Inspiration

In parting, Jean Paul has a message for those who follow his journey. He believes that in life, obstacles can be overcome with the power of the mind. Furthermore, he encourages everyone to engage in sports, as it provides valuable lessons and helps shape character.


Q: How long has Jean Paul been playing badminton?
A: Jean Paul has been playing badminton for three years.

Q: Is Para-Badminton popular in Colombia?
A: While Para-Badminton is not yet widely popular in Colombia, its popularity is growing.


Jean Paul Ortiz Vargas, a dedicated badminton player from Bogota, Colombia, has made a name for himself in the world of Para-Badminton. With a passionate drive and an unwavering commitment to the sport, Jean Paul aims to participate in upcoming tournaments, win a medal in the Pan-American Games, and represent his country in the Olympic Games. Alongside his badminton pursuits, he fulfills the roles of coach and school teacher, demonstrating his tireless dedication to the sport. Inspired by the qualities of humility, passion, and respect, Jean Paul serves as a role model and ambassador for the sport, embracing the responsibility that comes with it. Despite the challenges he faces, Jean Paul finds balance and strives for excellence in both his personal and professional life.