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Ashley Montre: A Rising Star from Chile in Badminton

Ashley Montre, a talented badminton player from Chile, has been making waves in the sport with her impressive skills in both singles and doubles. But her journey in badminton didn’t start with a burning passion for the game. It all began when she was 12 years old and was introduced to badminton at school. Initially, she wasn’t fond of it, but the invitation to train from her teacher intrigued her. She decided to give it a try, looking for some fun in trying something new.

Coming from a background of playing soccer, badminton was a significant change for Ashley. However, as time went by, her interest in the sport grew, and she gradually started to appreciate it more and more. Today, badminton has become a true passion for her.

Ashley’s dedication to badminton bloomed when she was selected to join the Chilean national team. As she began achieving remarkable results in various championships, she realized that she had the potential to excel in the sport. It was at that moment that she made up her mind to wholeheartedly devote herself to badminton.

Her ultimate dream is to compete in the Olympic Games, aspiring to go as far as possible and make a mark on the international stage. Badminton has given Ashley numerous opportunities and opened doors to explore different countries. She is grateful for the incredible experiences she has had, thanks to her dedication to the sport.

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While badminton takes up a significant portion of her time, Ashley also focuses on her studies. Having completed her education, she plans to enter university and balance her time between training and academics. It is a challenging task, but Ashley is determined to succeed in both areas.

Looking ahead, Ashley has set her goals for the year. Her primary objective is to deliver exceptional performances at the Pan American Games. While winning a medal would be fantastic, she is primarily focused on giving her best and achieving solid results.

Being a high-performance athlete has its own set of challenges. For Ashley, the most difficult part is being away from her family. Training in Santiago, she doesn’t get to see her loved ones often, sometimes for six months at a time. The sacrifices she has made for badminton have been immense, and she cherishes the moments spent with her family and friends. The inability to experience a typical childhood where she could simply play with friends has been tough. However, Ashley remains determined and motivated to pursue her dreams.

When asked about her preferences, Ashley’s answers reflect her personal choices and influences. She is inclined towards participating in the Olympic Games rather than the World Championships. In terms of seasons, she prefers winter over summer. As for taste, she leans towards salt over sweet. And when it comes to her favorite badminton player, she admires Carolina Marin.

To young aspiring badminton players, Ashley offers valuable advice. She encourages them not to let others dictate what they can or cannot achieve. It all depends on their determination, effort, and how they approach their goals. She urges them not to get discouraged and reminds them that if they want it enough, they can make it happen.

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In conclusion, Ashley Montre’s journey in badminton showcases her passion, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Despite the challenges she faces as a high-performance athlete, her dreams of competing in the Olympics and achieving success continue to drive her forward. With her talent and determination, Ashley is set to make a significant impact on the badminton world.