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Badminton Pan America

Parapan Am Games champion, Raul Anguiano, has been crowned as the Best Americas Para Athlete of 2019. This prestigious title was awarded to him after a rigorous voting process for the ‘Jose Luis Campo’ Awards.

Anguiano expressed his pride and honor in being nominated among the top 10 athletes of 2019. Sharing the list with world champions and admirable athletes filled him with a sense of pride and emotion. He also acknowledged the support of people who voted for him, making this achievement even more special.

Raul Anguiano made history by winning Guatemala’s first gold medal in a Parapan Am Games. His success extends to the Pan American Championships, where he has secured five crowns in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018.

Being a representative of his country, badminton, and Para badminton of Pan America, Anguiano considers his achievements as a source of pride, satisfaction, and a great responsibility. He emphasized his dedication to continue working hard to live up to the expectations of his nation and contribute to the development of the sport.

Anguiano has been instrumental in pioneering Para badminton in the region. Throughout his career, he has represented not only Guatemala but the entire continent with excellence. He was even involved in organizing the only Para Badminton World Championship held on the continent in Guatemala in 2011.

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His journey in badminton began at the age of 10, despite facing challenges since birth. Anguiano’s determination and resilience allowed him to compete in conventional badminton for 18 years before venturing into Para badminton. Today, he is hailed as a legend in the sport.

Reflecting on his incredible accomplishments, Anguiano confessed that he never imagined being nominated among the best in America. Badminton has been his passion and a means of personal development, boosting his physical health, self-esteem, and social interactions. He attributes his success to doing things with passion, effort, and faith, which in turn surprises and rewards in life.

Anguiano secured the José Luis Campo Award for Best Athlete of America in 2019 by receiving 61 percent of the popular vote. He expressed his gratitude towards his family, friends, coaches, and various institutions that have supported him throughout his journey. Above all, he thanked God for his blessings.

In 2017, Anguiano shared a powerful message for everyone: “If you seek, if you fight and take risks, you will surely find your goal and you will get it.” He has undoubtedly achieved each of his goals and surpassed them.

Congratulations to Raul Anguiano for his well-deserved recognition and outstanding achievements!


Q: How many titles has Raul Anguiano won?

A: Raul Anguiano has won five titles in the Pan American Championships.

Q: What is the significance of the José Luis Campo Award?

A: The José Luis Campo Award is an annual recognition given by the Americas Paralympic Committee to honor outstanding athletes for their achievements in the previous year.

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Raul Anguiano, a Parapan Am Games champion, has been named the Best Americas Para Athlete of 2019. His remarkable journey in badminton includes winning Guatemala’s first gold medal in the Parapan Am Games and securing five crowns in the Pan American Championships. Anguiano’s dedication, passion, and outstanding skills have made him a legend in the sport. He represents his country and the entire continent with pride and continues to work hard to contribute to the development of badminton. Anguiano’s achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring athletes to pursue their goals with passion and determination. Congratulations to Raul Anguiano for his well-deserved recognition! Visit to learn more about the world of badminton.