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Badminton Pan America

Chequeda De Boulet: Rising Star from Trinidad and Tobago

Chequeda De Boulet, a talented badminton player from Trinidad and Tobago, has been making waves in the Pan Am Circuit. With a strong determination to climb the rankings and fulfill her dreams, she has been competing tirelessly to gain valuable experience and secure victories on the international stage.

Finding Her Breakthrough

De Boulet acknowledges that competing internationally is a whole different ball game compared to playing in Trinidad. Last year was a challenging one for her, as she struggled to find her footing. However, she remains optimistic and focused on achieving her breakthrough. Her goal is to qualify for major events like the World Championships, but that depends on her ranking. To make her dreams a reality, she knows she needs to achieve consistent good results.

A Lone Competitor

Being the only athlete from her country competing in the Pan Am Circuit, De Boulet initially felt a sense of loneliness. However, she quickly found a balance and adapted to the demands of managing everything herself, from attending meetings to coaching herself. Her ability to step out of her comfort zone has allowed her to meet new people and make valuable connections.

Continuous Growth

At just 22 years old, De Boulet is already ranked 30th in the Pan American ranking. She sees each tournament as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Her hunger for success is evident as she strives to showcase her capabilities and perform exceptionally well in the Pan Am tour.

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Inspiration from Michelle Li

De Boulet finds inspiration in badminton players like Michelle Li, who also had to travel alone to compete before establishing a team around her. Seeing Li’s success gives De Boulet hope and motivates her to work hard towards her goals.

From Tennis to Badminton

De Boulet’s journey in sports began with tennis, but she took the opportunity to try something different when she joined a badminton club in secondary school. From that moment on, badminton became her focus, and she quickly rose through the ranks, participating in national and regional tournaments in the Caribbean.

Balancing Sports and Academics

In addition to her passion for badminton, De Boulet is studying accounting. Fortunately, her program allows her to have flexible study arrangements, including online lectures and the ability to schedule exams around her competition schedule. This flexibility enables her to pursue her sporting dreams while excelling in academics.

Sharing Her Journey

De Boulet has found a unique way to document her sports life by creating a YouTube channel, “@quedadeboulet.” Through her channel, she aims to promote badminton and provide insights into her tournament experiences. Her passion for YouTube and vlogs inspired her to share her own journey and introduce the sport to a wider audience.

Family Support

De Boulet’s family plays a crucial role in her career. As badminton is not widely popular in her country, she relies on her own resources to fund her competitions. Her parents have been unwavering in their support, both emotionally and financially, allowing her to pursue her sporting dreams.

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In summary, Chequeda De Boulet’s journey in badminton has been one of determination, growth, and continuous learning. As she competes in the Pan Am Circuit, she strives to rise in the rankings and make her mark on the international stage. With the support of her family and her unwavering dedication, De Boulet is an inspiration to aspiring badminton players in Trinidad and Tobago and beyond.

For more information, visit and follow Chequeda De Boulet’s journey on her YouTube channel, “@quedadeboulet.”