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Badminton Pan America

Barbados Coach, Shakeira Waithe, is a Physical Education teacher who attended the BWF Coaches Conference 2018 and the Coach Level 3 Course held in our region last year. She has a strong passion for developing badminton in her country and dreams of making a significant impact in the sport.

Shakeira, like many other women involved in badminton, started as a player and eventually decided to become a coach in order to give back to the sport that has given her so much. Her journey from player to coach may differ from others, but the common thread among all coaches is their dedication to continuously improve and contribute to new projects.

As a physical education teacher, Shakeira found it relatively easy to transition from an athlete to a coach. Her experience in teaching others has equipped her with the necessary skills to guide and mentor aspiring badminton players. However, she understands the importance of staying at the forefront of the sport and constantly updating her knowledge.

Continuing education and training are vital for coaches to keep up with the evolving nature of the sport. Shakeira recognizes this and actively seeks opportunities to enhance her coaching abilities, ultimately benefiting her country’s badminton development.

While Shakeira’s personal goals are connected to her role as a coach, she also has a broader vision for the growth of badminton in Barbados. She aims to increase participation in the sport and even dreams of producing a badminton player who can compete internationally. Ultimately, her biggest aspiration is to have the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games.

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In collaboration with the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Badminton Pan America (BPAC), a Coach Level 3 Pilot course was conducted in our region last November. This course challenged participating coaches to approach their training methods differently and provided them with valuable knowledge and strategies to enhance their coaching techniques.

For Shakeira, the Coach Level 3 course was both rewarding and challenging. While some of the information shared was already familiar to her, it served as a reinforcement of her existing knowledge and a catalyst for implementing new strategies. The course has inspired Shakeira to develop a more effective structure for her coaching endeavors, with the aim of continuously improving the badminton scene in Barbados.


Q: How did Shakeira transition from being a player to a coach?
A: Shakeira, a physical education teacher, found the transition relatively easy as teaching others came naturally to her.

Q: Why is continuing education important for coaches?
A: Sport is constantly evolving, and coaches need to stay updated and equipped with the latest knowledge to provide athletes with the best training and guidance.

Q: What are Shakeira’s goals as a coach?
A: Shakeira’s primary goal is to continue developing badminton in Barbados by increasing participation and nurturing talent. Her ultimate dream is to have a badminton player from her country compete in international events, including the Olympic Games.


Shakeira Waithe, a Barbados Coach and Physical Education teacher, is dedicated to growing the sport of badminton in her country. After attending the BWF Coaches Conference 2018 and the Coach Level 3 Course, she gained valuable knowledge and strategies to enhance her coaching abilities. Shakeira believes in the importance of continuous training and staying at the forefront of badminton to provide athletes with updated knowledge. Her goals extend beyond personal achievements, as she aspires to foster the development of badminton in Barbados and dreams of seeing a player from her country compete internationally, possibly even in the Olympic Games. Shakeira’s passion and dedication exemplify the commitment of coaches in nurturing the future of badminton.

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