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Colombian badminton has experienced significant growth and improvement thanks to the dedication of coaches, managers, and players who strive for continuous progress. One of these remarkable individuals is Willian Gutierrez, the coach leading the Colombian team. His unwavering commitment to the sport has been instrumental in the development and success of badminton in his country.

Willian’s journey into badminton began unexpectedly. As a volleyball player for many years, he stumbled upon the sport and decided to embrace it as a part of his life. He pursued further training as a coach, achieving commendable results for his town and country.

“I discovered badminton by chance, a serendipitous moment in life. I was supposed to attend a volleyball training session, but the coach failed to show up. That’s when I noticed other people practicing badminton. Having played volleyball for a decade, I joined the badminton class and never looked back. It was a fortunate accident, and I have been passionately involved in badminton for the past eight years, without a hint of regret.”

Willian has constantly sought opportunities to improve his skills. Last November, he participated in the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course, held within our region. The course provided him with a fresh perspective on his work and allowed him to analyze the current state of Colombian badminton. Armed with new tools acquired during the course, he can now strategize and shape the future of badminton in Colombia.

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“The course was incredibly enlightening. Reading through the manual alone triggered a significant shift in my thinking. Interacting with the tutors and experiencing the course dynamics made me realize the importance of our role. Often, we expect others to emulate our actions without questioning them. However, this course equipped us with exceptional tools to enhance badminton in our country. It encourages us to work united as a team, a region, and a nation, cultivating a shared vision.”

Willian’s newfound knowledge and experiences have ignited his passion to contribute further to the development of badminton in Colombia. He aspires to assemble a team of professionals who can collaborate and provide comprehensive training to athletes, while also supporting existing representatives of the country.

“My ultimate goal is to make a significant contribution to my country. I envision creating an interdisciplinary team consisting of professionals from various fields who can pool their knowledge to facilitate holistic development. Looking ahead, I dream of international medals. However, for now, our focus should be on nurturing the talent of our young boys and girls who are currently undergoing training. We must also lend our support to those athletes who have already made a name for themselves, amplifying their achievements.”

Willian Gutierrez


Q: How did Willian Gutierrez discover badminton?
A: Willian stumbled upon badminton by chance when he was supposed to attend a volleyball training session but discovered people practicing badminton instead. Intrigued by the sport, he joined a badminton class and never looked back.

Q: What did Willian gain from the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course?
A: The BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course provided Willian with new insights and tools to enhance his coaching skills. It prompted him to view his work from a different perspective and devise effective strategies for the development of badminton in Colombia.

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Q: What are Willian’s aspirations for Colombian badminton?
A: Willian dreams of forming an interdisciplinary team of professionals who can contribute their expertise to the comprehensive training of athletes. He also aims to support existing athletes and nurture their growth, with the ultimate goal of achieving international medals.


The growth of badminton in Colombia owes much to the dedication of individuals like Willian Gutierrez. Despite initially being a volleyball player, Willian’s chance encounter with badminton led him to embrace the sport wholeheartedly. Through continuous training and participation in courses such as the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course, he has gained valuable insights and tools to revolutionize the development of badminton in Colombia.

Willian’s dream is to establish a collaborative team of professionals from different disciplines who can contribute to the comprehensive training of athletes. His focus is not only on nurturing aspiring talent but also on supporting existing athletes to maximize their potential. With a shared vision of achieving international success, Willian’s contributions to Colombian badminton are poised to make a lasting impact.

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