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Daniela Macias, an Olympian and former badminton player from Peru, has found success both on and off the court. Currently working as a financial analyst at a local bank, Macias attributes her achievements in life to the lessons she learned through playing badminton. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Badminton Pan Am is highlighting exceptional women in the sport through a series of interviews throughout the month of March, entitled The Pan Am Women’s Month.

Macias believes that sports have shaped her into the person she is today, instilling in her important values such as resilience. She acknowledges that sports can be challenging, with bad days, uncontrollable situations, frustration, stress, and pressure. However, these experiences have ultimately built her internal strength and desire to overcome obstacles and constantly improve. Macias has faced many difficult situations, both in sports and in her personal life, but she has persevered and achieved many successes.

Setting goals and following a plan has been crucial to Macias’ journey. She believes that objectives help define the steps needed to achieve them and provide motivation to make an effort and persist. Along her path, Macias had short-term and medium-term goals that ultimately led her to her main objective of qualifying for the Olympic Games. It was not an easy task, but her determination and small steps helped her fulfill her long-standing dream.

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Macias qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games through hard work and sacrifice. Looking back on her beginnings in badminton, she recalls being a young kid full of enthusiasm to learn new things. Coming from a sports-oriented family, with her mother being an Olympic swimmer, Macias and her siblings started swimming at a young age. During summers, they would try various sports, and it was during one of these experiences that Macias discovered her love for badminton. She trained in swimming and gymnastics throughout the year but dedicated two days a week to badminton. Eventually, her talent was recognized, and she was selected to compete in the Pan Am Junior Championship, solidifying her passion for badminton and leading her to focus exclusively on the sport.

While pursuing her badminton career, Macias also studied Business Administration at the university. Despite the challenges of balancing sports and academics, she remained committed and responsible, never losing sight of her goals. Today, as a professional in a field unrelated to sports, Macias acknowledges the doors that being a high-performance athlete opened for her. She attributes her success in her current profession to the values and skills she developed through badminton. Sport shaped her into the person she is today, cultivating values such as perseverance and resilience that continue to serve her well.

Life is full of difficulties and challenges, and Macias believes that they should be seen as opportunities for personal growth and strength. Both physically and mentally, badminton has played a significant role in making her a strong individual who never gives up easily. Her family, teammates, and coaches have also played important roles in her personal and sporting development. Macias credits her parents for instilling a love of sports in her from a young age and always motivating her to strive for improvement. She recognizes the support and guidance of her doubles partner, Danica Nishimura, as well as her coaches, who have made a lasting impact on her career.

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In summary, Daniela Macias’ journey in badminton has been one of perseverance, determination, and personal growth. Through sports, she has developed important values and skills that have helped her succeed both on and off the court. Her story is a testament to the power of sports in shaping individuals and providing opportunities for personal and professional development.


  1. What is Daniela Macias’ current profession?

    • Daniela Macias is currently working as a financial analyst at a local bank.
  2. How did Daniela Macias qualify for the Olympic Games?

    • Daniela Macias qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games through hard work and sacrifice.
  3. What values did Daniela Macias learn through playing badminton?

    • Daniela Macias learned values such as resilience, perseverance, and determination through playing badminton.


Daniela Macias, an Olympian and former badminton player from Peru, shares her journey and the impact of badminton on her life. She attributes her achievements to the values she learned through sports, particularly resilience. Setting goals and following a plan played a crucial role in her success, leading her to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Despite pursuing a career unrelated to sports, Macias recognizes the opportunities and skills that being a high-performance athlete offered her. She emphasizes the importance of facing challenges as opportunities for growth and acknowledges the support of her family, teammates, and coaches in her journey.