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Badminton Pan America

One of the trainers who played a crucial role in the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course was Kenneth Larsen, a highly experienced former player from Denmark and coach in various countries. Larsen’s extensive knowledge and expertise added immense value to the course, making it essential for us to delve deeper into his insights and experiences in the world of badminton.

Kenneth Larsen’s journey in the sport began during his childhood, and through sheer determination and hard work, he emerged as a prominent player in Denmark and across the globe. Larsen’s dedication and passion also led him to become a renowned coach, bringing a unique blend of expertise and personal experiences to his coaching.

“I started playing badminton at the age of 12 and eventually became an elite player in Denmark, even winning the European championship with my country. I then transitioned into coaching at various levels, including serving as the national coach of Denmark and other countries. Alongside my coaching career, I pursued education in sports and badminton, earning a doctorate in Social Philosophy and Social Psychology. This academic background strongly complements my work in the field.”

The shift from being an athlete to becoming a coach can stem from various motivations, and achieving success in this transition heavily relies on the approach one adopts. Larsen embraced coaching while still an active player, driven by a desire to share with others the joy and excitement that badminton brought into his life.

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“Right from the beginning, I deeply felt that coaching badminton players would be both enjoyable and rewarding for me. I wanted to help them discover the same level of fun and fulfillment that badminton provided me with as an extraordinary experience. For me, that’s what matters the most. Badminton is so incredibly enjoyable that I want everyone to experience it in the same way.”

Larsen played a pivotal role in leading the Pilot Course for Level 3 coaches, held in November. He not only served as the course instructor but also co-authored the course material, which aimed to transform the coaching approach and push coaches to strive for excellence in order to benefit their players.

“The objective of this Level 3 pilot course was to guide coaches in transitioning from talent development to elite badminton. We explored how elite players operate and how coaches can effectively communicate exercises that align with the standards of elite players. One notable advantage in the Pan American region, particularly South America, is the receptive attitude of many countries and individuals towards new ideas. This bodes well for the successful implementation of the course concepts.”

As our sport continues to evolve, it becomes essential for coaches to remain prepared, attentive, and open to learning in order to progress alongside it.

“Continuous learning is crucial for personal growth and success. By constantly improving and expanding our knowledge, we can enhance our skills and achieve greater success. It is vital to embrace a lifelong learning mindset to effectively navigate new challenges.”

Coaches have numerous areas to explore and should not settle for what they already know or have experienced. Continuous training, adaptability, and the willingness to embrace change are paramount for improvement.

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“We all have room for improvement in various aspects. Coaches, especially, can further develop their tactical understanding of the game and hone the practice skills required by elite players. This includes the ability to make critical decisions in the game and encourage independent thinking. I believe this is an area where coaches in the region can strive to enhance their expertise, particularly if they aspire to nurture world-class players.”

Undoubtedly, one of the reasons why badminton continues to garner growth and popularity globally is because it is one of the most comprehensive sports. Kenneth Larsen wholeheartedly believes in translating this holistic experience and enjoyment into fun, enabling better learning opportunities and fostering a desire to share this fantastic sport with others.

“There is only one reason why we should introduce people to badminton, and that is because it is the most enjoyable sport in the world. Coaches must always keep this in mind when training players.”


Q: How did Kenneth Larsen become involved in coaching badminton?

A: Kenneth Larsen’s journey in coaching badminton began while he was still an active player. He felt a deep desire to share the joy and fulfillment that badminton brought into his life with others, which motivated him to become a coach.

Q: What is the objective of the Level 3 pilot course led by Kenneth Larsen?

A: The Level 3 pilot course, led by Kenneth Larsen, aims to assist coaches in transitioning from talent development to elite badminton. The course focuses on exploring how elite players operate and how coaches can effectively communicate exercises that align with the standards of elite players.

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Q: What areas can coaches focus on for improvement?

A: Coaches can enhance their expertise in various areas. In particular, they can strive to improve their tactical understanding of the game and develop practice skills that are essential for elite players. This includes fostering independent thinking and decision-making during gameplay.

Q: Why is continuous learning important for coaches?

A: Continuous learning is vital for personal growth and success. By consistently expanding their knowledge and skills, coaches can navigate new challenges and improve their overall coaching abilities.


In the world of badminton, one trainer stands out for his extensive expertise and commitment to the sport: Kenneth Larsen. As an accomplished former player from Denmark and a renowned coach, Larsen brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course. His journey in badminton began as a child, leading him to become an elite player and eventually a highly respected coach. Larsen’s passion for the sport transcends personal interest as he aims to share the joy and fulfillment of badminton with others. Through the pilot course, Larsen guides coaches in transitioning to elite badminton, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and the development of tactical understanding. By embracing change and constantly improving, coaches can enhance their ability to nurture elite players. With his dedication and commitment, Kenneth Larsen ensures that badminton remains a sport filled with fun and enjoyment for players and coaches alike.