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Colombian badminton continues to thrive and strengthen, thanks to the dedication and hard work of coaches, managers, and players who strive for continuous improvement. Among them is Willian Gutierrez, a coach who leads the Colombian team and has witnessed the remarkable growth of badminton in his country.

Willian’s journey into badminton was unexpected but serendipitous. Initially a volleyball player, he stumbled upon the sport and decided to embrace it as a significant part of his life. Willian continued to train as a coach, achieving notable results for his town and country.

“I stumbled upon badminton by chance, thanks to a coach’s ‘mistake.’ I was supposed to attend a volleyball training session, but the coach didn’t show up. Instead, I discovered a group of people playing badminton. After playing volleyball for 10 years, I joined the badminton class and never looked back. It was a fortunate coincidence, a happy mistake, and I’ve been devoted to badminton for the past 8 years. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else,” Willian recalls.

As part of his professional development, Willian participated in the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course, held in our region last November. This course provided him with a fresh perspective and enabled him to analyze the current state of badminton in Colombia. With the new tools and knowledge acquired, Willian is now able to devise innovative strategies to further advance the sport.

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“The course was incredibly insightful. As we delved into the course material, my mindset underwent a complete transformation. Interacting with the tutors and engaging in various activities made me realize the significance of our work. In many instances, we try to be role models, hoping others will imitate us and follow our lead without question. However, this course equipped us with exceptional tools to enhance badminton in our country. It encourages us to work collaboratively as a team, regionally and nationally, all moving in the same direction,” Willian explains.

The newfound knowledge and experiences have fueled Willian’s ambition to contribute further to the development of badminton in Colombia. He aspires to establish a group of professionals who can collectively contribute to the holistic training of athletes and empower the existing representatives of his country.

“My ultimate dream is to make a significant contribution to my country. I envision creating an interdisciplinary team comprising professionals from various fields who can leverage their expertise to enhance our sport’s development. Looking ahead, I hope to strive for international recognition and medals. But for now, my focus is on nurturing the potential of our young athletes and supporting those who have already achieved success. Together, we can amplify their achievements,” shares Willian.

Through his dedication and unwavering commitment, Willian Gutierrez embodies the spirit of badminton in Colombia. His relentless pursuit of excellence sets a path for future generations to follow, ensuring the continued growth and success of the sport in the country.

Willian Gutierrez


Q: How did Willian Gutierrez discover badminton?
A: Willian stumbled upon badminton when a volleyball training session was unexpectedly canceled. He saw a group of people playing badminton and decided to join them, instantly becoming captivated by the sport.

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Q: What motivated Willian to pursue a coaching career in badminton?
A: Willian’s passion for badminton grew steadily as he played and trained. Recognizing the transformative power of the sport, he decided to become a coach to contribute to its development and nurture young athletes in Colombia.

Q: What was the impact of the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course on Willian Gutierrez?
A: The BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course provided Willian with a fresh perspective and equipped him with valuable tools and strategies to enhance badminton in Colombia. It allowed him to rethink his approach and inspired collaborative efforts within the badminton community.


In the world of Colombian badminton, Willian Gutierrez stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and passion. Originally a volleyball player, Willian’s serendipitous encounter with badminton led him to embrace the sport wholeheartedly. Through his coaching and leadership, he has witnessed the remarkable growth of badminton in Colombia.

Willian’s participation in the BWF Coach Level 3 Pilot Course further empowered him as a coach. It enabled him to envision new strategies and approaches to elevate the sport regionally and nationally. With a focus on fostering the holistic development of athletes, Willian dreams of future international recognition and medals for his country.

As Willian continues to make impactful contributions to badminton in Colombia, his dedication and commitment inspire a new generation of athletes. Together, they aspire to further elevate the sport’s prominence and success in their country.

To learn more about Willian Gutierrez and the thriving world of badminton in Colombia, visit the official website of Badminton Pan America.

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