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Badminton in Pan America

Roberto Mollinedo, a highly experienced coach of the Cuba national team, has dedicated his life to the sport of badminton. Throughout his career, he has guided Cuban players to achieve remarkable results and has witnessed their personal and professional growth. Known as “Robertico,” he has been involved in badminton since he was 10 years old and has played various coaching roles from teaching children to training adult athletes.

Continuing to develop professionally, Roberto participates in training programs and recently completed the BWF Coach Level 3 course. This course delved into topics beyond badminton, exploring areas such as athlete mindset and effective coaching methods. Roberto found this course to be transformative, leading to a fresh approach and improved coaching style for better future results.

While achieving medals and qualifications is satisfying, Roberto believes that true fulfillment comes from seeing his players grow as individuals and badminton flourish in his country. He values the impact of sports on personal development and education. Roberto emphasizes the crucial role of coaches in the growth of badminton in the Pan American region, praising the efforts of Badminton Pan America (BPAC) in driving this progress.

With his extensive experience, Roberto’s perspective provides valuable insights into the development of badminton in the Pan American region. He believes that BPAC’s commitment to fostering professional growth has contributed to the overall advancement of the sport, positioning it on a promising trajectory.

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Roberto Mollinedo

Roberto Mollinedo


Q: How long has Roberto Mollinedo been involved in badminton?

A: Roberto Mollinedo has been involved in badminton since he was 10 years old.

Q: What coaching roles has Roberto fulfilled?

A: Roberto has been a coach for various age groups, including children, junior athletes, and the Cuban national team.

Q: What course did Roberto recently complete?

A: Roberto recently completed the BWF Coach Level 3 course, which broadened his knowledge beyond badminton-related topics.

Q: What does Roberto find most satisfying as a coach?

A: Roberto finds the personal and sports growth of his players to be the most fulfilling aspect of coaching.

Q: How does Roberto assess the growth of badminton in the Pan American region?

A: Roberto highlights the positive impact of BPAC’s efforts in developing the sport and supporting professionals in the region.


Roberto Mollinedo, a highly respected coach in the world of badminton, has dedicated his career to cultivating talent and fostering personal growth in Cuban players. Having immersed himself in the sport from a young age, Roberto’s extensive experience and passion for badminton have led him to excel in coaching roles, including the current position as the coach of the Cuban national team. By participating in training programs such as the BWF Coach Level 3 course, Roberto continuously hones his skills and embraces new coaching techniques. His ultimate satisfaction lies in witnessing the holistic development of his players and contributing to the growth of badminton both as a sport and as an educational tool. Roberto acknowledges the essential role of coaches in driving the progress of badminton in the Pan American region, commending the efforts of BPAC in this regard. With his valuable insights and dedication, Roberto’s impact on the sport is truly remarkable. To learn more about badminton and its growth, visit our website here.

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