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Pilar Jauregui: A Journey of Triumph and Resilience

Pilar Jauregui, an incredible badminton player, has dedicated over 6 years to the sport with tremendous effort and determination. Her journey has been highlighted by numerous achievements, including winning the gold medal in the Parapan Am Games 2019 and qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Every accomplishment comes with sacrifices and challenges, which athletes like Pilar have faced head-on. The difficulties she encountered in her path have only strengthened her appreciation for the process and results. Pilar faced tough moments before her debut in Para badminton at the Paralympic Games, but it was a turning point in her career.

“While I didn’t perform as well as I had hoped, Tokio 2020 was one of my most memorable moments. It was highly anticipated because I had to fight for qualification, overcoming obstacles like quarantine and illness. To overcome it all and make it to the Paralympics meant the world to me.”

The year 2021 saw the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to the global pandemic. Athletes worldwide experienced setbacks in their training and performance due to quarantines and restrictions. Pilar, too, had to adapt to these circumstances, finding alternative ways to maintain her physical training at home with limited resources. Her determination and energy propelled her forward in pursuit of her Paralympic dream.

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Yet, the pandemic was not the only obstacle Pilar faced before the Paralympic Games. When only one event remained to formally conclude the qualification period, she encountered a severe infection, forcing her to pause her preparation once again.

“It was a challenging time. I suffered from a serious infection that halted my progress for several months. There was an uncertainty about whether I would be able to play again. Having already experienced quarantine and rest at home, this was not easy. But making it to Tokyo 2020 was the toughest part. Being there and competing was my proudest moment, despite all the difficulties I had endured.”

During this time, patience became Pilar’s greatest ally. While physically resting was necessary, her mind remained active. Eventually, she recovered from the infection and made a successful return to competition.

Currently ranked 5th in the WH2 category of the World Ranking, Pilar’s focus is to earn more points for the 2022 World Championship and the 2023 Parapan American Games. Additionally, she finds motivation in her efforts to bring the sport to a wider audience. Through her collaboration with the Bent But Not Broken Association (bbnb), Pilar promotes para sports in Peru. Their activities include tennis, marathons, surfing, women’s wheelchair basketball, and soon, Para badminton.

“The Association’s goal is to remove any barriers preventing people from participating in sports. We aim to promote and attract more young individuals to join us. We already have a ‘bbnb’ presence in Cuzco with a women’s basketball team, and we hope this community continues to grow.”

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Pilar not only enjoys competing but also sharing her knowledge about the sport, encouraging more individuals to experience the many positive aspects that come with it.

“I truly enjoy sharing my sporting journey, and although there is still much for me to learn, promoting para sports is something I am deeply committed to. I am currently working on a project to make wheelchairs more accessible for everyone.”

From the beginning of her athletic career, Pilar has always sought to involve more people in sports, showcasing that it extends beyond physical activity.

“Sports have had a tremendous impact on me; they have given me confidence and taught me self-improvement. There were things I believed I couldn’t do, but now I can do them without hesitation. I have learned not to fear taking risks, and this is all thanks to the sports I have played.”

“Engaging in sports breaks down the limitations we impose on ourselves, such as thinking we cannot participate or need to prioritize family obligations. It breaks these barriers and enables us to do something we enjoy or something we never dared to try before. Sports contribute to our health, relaxation, and discipline. The idea is to explore something we love or perhaps something we never thought possible, and that’s where we find our true path.”

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