Sunday, 21 Jul 2024

Badminton Pan America

In this article, we will introduce you to Gabriela Alejandra Sepúlveda Aravena, a Shuttle Time Tutor from the Badminton Federation of Chile. Gabriela’s journey with badminton started during her last year of studying Physical Education in 2009. A professor introduced badminton as a new sport to the university, and Gabriela, along with her classmates, started learning and playing recreationally. Over time, Gabriela attended courses by the federation and became a certified umpire, participating in the Sudamericano in Chile in 2013.

Gabriela was drawn to badminton because it was a fun and fast-paced sport that was easy to learn and play at a recreational level. As an umpire and teacher, she has had the opportunity to attend international events, meet new people, and develop bonds within the badminton community. Badminton has become an important part of Gabriela’s life and has allowed her to explore different places and connect with people.

One aspect of badminton that Gabriela appreciates is the absence of physical contact, which promotes fair play and respect for opponents and umpires. She believes that as badminton continues to grow within the community, her experience as a teacher also grows. Through interactions with other teachers, sharing knowledge, and witnessing her players’ growth, Gabriela gains valuable experiences that contribute to her personal and professional development.

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Gabriela’s involvement in badminton has had a positive impact on her community. As a Shuttle Time Teacher and Tutor, she has conducted courses for physical education teachers, enabling them to implement badminton workshops in their schools. Additionally, she organizes community badminton meetings where children gather annually to compete and play badminton. Gabriela finds great joy in witnessing the development and popularization of badminton in Lonquimay.

Overall, Gabriela’s story showcases the transformative power of badminton and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities. Her dedication and passion for the sport have allowed her to create opportunities for others to experience the joy and benefits of playing badminton.