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Badminton Pan America

When Para badminton was announced to be included in the Paralympic Games for the first time, athletes from around the world eagerly sought qualification. Vitor Tavares was among them, but he approached the process with a strategic mindset, methodically defeating his opponents one by one.

Tavares, currently ranked fourth in the world in the men’s singles Short Stature (SH6) category, considers Jack Shepard from England to be his toughest opponent in 2019 and early 2020. Acknowledging Shepard’s exceptional technical and tactical skills, Tavares recognizes the challenge he presents.

Despite the recent cancellations and postponement of the Paralympics to 2021 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Tavares managed to secure a gold medal at the Brazil Para Badminton International and a silver medal at the Peru Para Badminton International. These achievements propelled him to sixth place in the Race to Tokyo standings.

With movement restrictions in place worldwide, training has taken on a different meaning for Tavares. Unable to enjoy running in the park as he used to, the Curitiba resident now relies on constant communication with his coach and personal trainer to continue his training at home. He spends his time analyzing videos of himself and his opponents, as well as exploring alternative training methods.

Motivation can be challenging for Tavares, particularly when it comes to the psychological aspect of competition. He admits that his emotions on the court have hindered his performance in the past. However, he is actively working to overcome this hurdle with the support of his psychologist. Tavares’ dedication, willpower, and aspiration for self-improvement serve as strong motivators.

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Tavares’ badminton journey began in 2016, and just two years later, he dominated the Pan Am Para Badminton Championships by winning gold medals in the men’s singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles categories. At the Lima 2019 Para Pan American Games, he secured the men’s singles gold medal, establishing himself as Brazil’s hope for a medal in Tokyo.

The life of an athlete comes with sacrifices, and for Tavares, time-consuming training and tournaments have forced him to defer his university degree in Physical Education. However, he remains determined to return to his studies and earn his degree.

Despite the disruption to his regular training schedule, Tavares remains committed to maintaining his physical fitness and readiness for when he can return to the court. He emphasizes the importance of staying physically active and the sense of fulfillment he experiences after a satisfying workout.

While being away from the badminton circuit has its challenges, Tavares also sees the positives. He appreciates the opportunity to relax at home, catch up on movies, and reflect on his personal goals and plans for the future outside of badminton.


Q: When will the Paralympic Games include Para badminton for the first time?
A: Para badminton was announced to be included in the Paralympic Games for the first time, with the event scheduled to take place in 2021.

Q: What is Vitor Tavares’ current ranking in the world for men’s singles badminton?
A: Vitor Tavares is currently ranked fourth in the world in the men’s singles Short Stature (SH6) category.

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Q: Who does Vitor Tavares consider to be his toughest opponent?
A: Vitor Tavares considers Jack Shepard from England to be his toughest opponent, praising his high technical and tactical skills.


In the world of badminton, the inclusion of Para badminton in the Paralympic Games has sparked a fierce race among athletes to qualify. Vitor Tavares, currently ranked fourth globally in men’s singles Short Stature (SH6), has emerged as a strong contender. Despite the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the Paralympics, Tavares remains dedicated to his training and motivated to overcome his psychological struggles on the court. His achievements at past championships have solidified his position as a medal hopeful for Brazil in Tokyo. With a resilient mindset and a focus on self-improvement, Tavares embodies the spirit of a determined athlete.