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Badminton Pan America

Pilar Jauregui, a Para badminton Pan Am champion, has made significant strides in the world of adapted sports since 2014. Having previously participated in wheelchair tennis and basketball, she was invited to try her hand at Para badminton – a sport that captured her heart and motivated her to bring home more medals for Peru.

One of the greatest benefits that Para badminton has brought to Pilar is the opportunity for personal growth as an athlete. With the unwavering support of Badminton Pan Am and the Peruvian Federation, she has been able to establish herself as one of the world’s finest in this sport. Pilar emphasizes the vital role that preparatory efforts, coaching, and management support play in achieving desired results.

As an ambassador for the upcoming Para Panam Games Lima 2019, Pilar currently holds the top spot in the Pan American Ranking for the WH2 category. Her ambitions extend far beyond this achievement. She aspires to bring home more trophies for her country, not only at the Pan-American, World, and Paralympic levels but also by nurturing the growth of new athletes in Peru.

Pilar’s journey has not been without its fair share of challenges. As a woman and a Para-athlete, she has encountered numerous obstacles along the way. From navigating the city and transporting herself with specialized equipment to managing personal commitments such as studies and family life, Pilar’s journey has demanded significant effort and sacrifices.

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Nevertheless, Pilar firmly believes that the initial support she received has been instrumental in charting her path to success. Each medal she has won has led to additional collaborative opportunities and has brought her immense motivation and encouragement. Pilar’s message is clear – no dream is too big, and no obstacles are insurmountable when met with determination, faith, and a positive attitude towards life.

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Q: How did Pilar Jauregui get involved in Para badminton?
A: Pilar Jauregui began her journey in adapted sports in 2014. After exploring basketball and wheelchair tennis, she was introduced to Para badminton, a sport that instantly captivated her and motivated her to achieve more for Peru.

Q: What has been the key to Pilar Jauregui’s success in Para badminton?
A: Pilar attributes her success in Para badminton to the unwavering support she has received from Badminton Pan Am and the Peruvian Federation. Alongside her own maximum effort and dedication, the backing of coaches and managers has played a crucial role in achieving her remarkable results.


Pilar Jauregui’s inspiring journey in Para badminton serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and support. Starting in 2014, she has risen to become one of the world’s top athletes in this sport, fueled by the encouragement provided by Badminton Pan Am and the Peruvian Federation. Pilar’s ambition to bring home more medals for Peru is matched by her commitment to nurturing the development of new athletes. Despite facing numerous obstacles, she firmly believes that no dream is beyond reach when one commits to hard work, self-belief, and a positive mindset. Pilar’s story serves as a beacon of hope, motivating others to pursue their dreams and overcome any barriers they may encounter.

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