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Badminton Pan America: Inspiring Stories of Para Badminton Athletes

Jaquelin Burgos (PER), the gold medalist at Santiago 2023 (WD WH1-WH2), is a rising star in the world of Para badminton. With only four years of training, she has already established herself as one of the best wheelchair players in the Pan American region.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Badminton Pan Am is shining a spotlight on women like Jaquelin throughout the month of March. Their stories serve as an inspiration to the entire Pan American family.

Jaqueline Karina Burgos Javier, born in Huaraz, Peru, initially pursued a sports career in wheelchair basketball. It was during this time that she crossed paths with Pilar Jauregui, a fellow wheelchair basketball player. Pilar introduced Jaquelin to Para badminton in 2018, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Jaquelin shares, “I entered badminton at the invitation of Pilar Jauregui, whom I met in Wheelchair Basketball in 2016. We established a good friendship, and because of that, I started doing badminton as a beginner in August 2018.”

Santiago 2023 marked Jaquelin’s first appearance in the Parapan American Games as a Para badminton player. However, she had already gained experience in this type of competition as part of the wheelchair basketball team in Lima 2019.

“In Lima 2019, it was my last participation as a member of the Wheelchair Basketball team. In 2020, I fully committed to Badminton, a sport that has allowed me to achieve significant milestones, including a silver medal in singles and a gold medal in doubles at the Parapan American Games, as well as a South American gold medal in both singles and doubles.”

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Despite being 36 years old, Jaquelin continues to excel in Para badminton. The sport has not only provided her with numerous achievements but has also given her the opportunity to connect with top athletes from around the world and participate in international events, fueling her dreams of even greater sporting accomplishments.

“My biggest dream now is to qualify for and win a medal at the Paralympic Games.”

Like many athletes in the region, Jaquelin has faced challenges on her journey, including financial obstacles that have impacted her preparation and performance. She highlights, “The economic factor is a constant concern, and we still have to bear the costs of sports equipment such as wheelchairs, rackets, strings, grips, and more.”

However, Jaquelin does not let these challenges hold her back. She perseveres and encourages others to do the same, stating, “Never stop pursuing your dreams despite the obstacles you encounter. Perseverance and discipline are the keys to success. If I can do it, so can you.”

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