Saturday, 20 Jul 2024

Badminton Pan America

Dylan Darmohoetomo, a former player and coach from Suriname, had the honor of being the flag bearer for his delegation at the last Pan Am Games in 2019. After his own successful career as a player, Dylan is now dedicated to training the next generation of badminton players in his country, with the goal of achieving even better results and fostering the growth of the sport in Suriname.

As a coach, Dylan has taken the initiative to lead a local club and has also participated in various coaching courses to enhance the level of badminton in Suriname. One notable course he attended was the Coach Level 3 course, held in our region last year. Dylan found the course to be highly informative and is eager to share the knowledge gained with other coaches in Suriname, in order to collectively improve the state of badminton in the country.

Reflecting on his own journey in badminton, Dylan has always been passionate about the sport, starting at the age of 8 when he followed in the footsteps of his parents, who were also avid badminton players. Over the years, Dylan has participated in international tournaments such as the Universiades and Regional Games, gaining valuable experiences and insights along the way. Little did he know that these experiences would shape his future path as a coach, as he began sharing his knowledge and expertise with younger players in his country.

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Transitioning from being a player to a coach brought about new challenges for Dylan. The roles, responsibilities, and perspectives in a match are inherently different. However, the decision to become a coach was an easy one for Dylan, as he had always enjoyed guiding and mentoring younger players even during his time as a player. As a coach, he now has the opportunity to provide even more guidance and support to help players improve their skills and reach their full potential.

Now, as a coach, Dylan’s dreams have shifted. He is fully committed to the sport and its growth in Suriname. He aspires to lead his current players to achieve better results than he did during his own career as a player. Dylan’s ultimate goal is for his players to surpass him and become even more accomplished athletes.

Photo Credit: BPAC | Lima2019 Photo Service | SN