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Badminton Pan America

The second day of the Badminton Competition at Santiago 2023 was filled with thrilling moments, unexpected victories, and impressive displays of dedication from our Pan Am athletes. Each match was a testament to the skill and passion of these incredible players.

Results and Schedule

To stay up to date with the latest results and schedule, please visit our official website We have all the information you need to follow along and cheer for your favorite athletes.

Exciting Matches and Surprising Upsets

One of the standout moments from the day was Taymara Oropesa from Cuba’s incredible comeback against seeded 2 player Wen Yu Zhang from Canada. After losing the first game (8-21), Oropesa showed determination and consistency in the second game (21-16), forcing a third and final game. With three games-points needed, Oropesa secured a thrilling victory (21-19) and advanced to the Quarter-finals in Women’s Singles. Her next opponent will be the talented Haramara Gaitan from Mexico, who is seeded 5/8.

In an interview after her match, Oropesa expressed her happiness with the result, stating, “I knew it was going to be a tough match, but I studied my opponent and my tactics worked. My concentration, desire to win, and giving it my all were the key factors in securing this victory.”

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Stellar Performances from Olympians and Doubles Teams

Several renowned Olympians, including Brian Yang, Ygor Coelho, Howard Shu, Beiwen Zhang, Nitke Sotomayor, Jennie Gai, and Haramara Gaitan, showcased their skills and continued their journey towards claiming medals in the Singles events.

On the Doubles side, the Cuban duo Juan Carlos Bencomo and Roberto Herrera faced a formidable challenge against Angel Marinez and Jose Linarez from the Dominican Republic. After an intense battle, Bencomo and Herrera emerged victorious after three closely contested games.

The Women’s Doubles seeded pairs delivered solid performances in their opening matches, securing convincing victories to advance to the Quarter-Finals. Catherine Choi and Josephine Wu, the top-seeded duo, defeated Mariana Palacios and Adriana Barrios from EAI, while Annie and Kerry Xu, the second-seeded duo, triumphed over Ailen Oliva and Iona Gualdi.

Intense Mixed Doubles Matches

The Mixed Doubles category featured an exhilarating match between Cuba and Peru. Jose Guevara and Ines Castillo from Peru faced off against Juan Bencomo and Yeily Ortiz from Cuba in a thrilling three-game encounter. The Peruvian duo claimed the first game (21-17), but Bencomo and Ortiz fought back, overcoming three match points to win the second game with a score of 23-21. In a display of determination, Guevara and Castillo won the decisive third game with a score of 21-12, securing their spot in the Quarter-Finals.

Another highly contested match took place between Davi Silva and Sania Lima from Brazil and Jonathan Solis and Diana Corleto from EAI. Silva and Lima, the third-seeded duo, dominated the first game with a comfortable margin of victory (21-12). Although Solis and Corleto managed to force a third game with a 24-22 win in the second, Silva and Lima’s performance remained strong. In the end, they triumphed with a final game score of 21-14, securing their place in the Mixed Doubles Quarter-Finals.

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What’s Next?

The Badminton Competition at the Santiago 2023 Pan Am Games will resume on Monday, July 23, with the Quarter-Finals round. We wish all the athletes the best of luck in their upcoming matches. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and continue to support your favorite players throughout this thrilling tournament.


Q: Where can I find the complete schedule and results of the Badminton Competition at Santiago 2023?
A: For the complete schedule and updated results, please visit our official website

Q: Which athletes had standout performances on the second day of the competition?
A: Several notable athletes, including Taymara Oropesa, Brian Yang, Ygor Coelho, Howard Shu, Beiwen Zhang, Nitke Sotomayor, Jennie Gai, and Haramara Gaitan, delivered impressive performances during the second day of the Badminton Competition at Santiago 2023.

Q: Are there any unexpected upsets in the tournament so far?
A: Yes, one of the most surprising upsets occurred when Taymara Oropesa from Cuba defeated the second-seeded player Wen Yu Zhang from Canada in a thrilling three-game match.


In the second day of the Badminton Competition at Santiago 2023, Pan Am athletes showcased their skills and determination in an array of intense matches. Taymara Oropesa from Cuba’s comeback victory against Wen Yu Zhang from Canada was one of the highlights of the day. Olympians and doubles teams also displayed remarkable performances, setting the stage for an exciting tournament. The Mixed Doubles category witnessed thrilling matches, with Peru and Cuba emerging as victorious. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and support your favorite athletes throughout the competition.

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