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Michelle Li: Celebrating Birthday Victories in Badminton

Badminton is a sport that brings joy and excitement to millions of players around the world. For Michelle Li, a Canadian badminton player, the thrill of winning a prominent tournament on her birthday is an experience she cherishes. Not only has she achieved this feat once, but twice.

In a thrilling match against China’s Han Yue, Li successfully defended her Macau Open title on her birthday. Reflecting on the special moment, Li recalls the unique atmosphere and the support she received from the crowd. At 18-8 in the second game, someone yelled “Happy Birthday” from the stands, creating a truly memorable and amusing moment for Li.

The Macau Open victory was just one of the highlights of Li’s outstanding performances this year. She reached the semifinals of prestigious tournaments such as the Japan Open, Korea Open, and US Open. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Li. She went through a tough period where she struggled with her performance and had to figure out various aspects of her game on her own.

However, a significant turning point for Li was shifting her mindset and focusing on enjoying the game and doing her best in every match. She also credits having a coach and a sparring partner who can accompany her to most tournaments as a crucial factor in her improved performance.

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Despite her achievements, Li faces certain challenges due to being a self-funded player. She cannot afford to have a full-time physiotherapist accompanying her at every tournament, making it difficult to maintain her physical condition at the highest level. Nevertheless, Li remains determined to avoid injuries and aims to reach her peak performance at the Tokyo Olympics.

Looking back at her season, Li expresses her satisfaction with the progress she has made. She has overcome personal barriers and feels positive about the future. Li now embraces every tournament with excitement and no longer dreads the travel involved. Her consistent performances at top tournaments have given her confidence and motivation to continue striving for excellence in the world of badminton.


  1. How many times has Michelle Li won a prominent tournament on her birthday?

    • Michelle Li has won a prominent tournament on her birthday twice.
  2. What were some of Michelle Li’s notable performances this year?

    • Michelle Li reached the semifinals of the Japan Open, Korea Open, and US Open.
  3. What factors contributed to Michelle Li’s improved performance?

    • Michelle Li attributes her improved performance to a shift in mindset, focusing on enjoying the game, and having a coach and a sparring partner accompanying her to most tournaments.


Michelle Li, a talented Canadian badminton player, has achieved the remarkable feat of winning a major tournament on her birthday not once, but twice. Her recent victory at the Macau Open, where she successfully defended her title, added to her consistent performances throughout the season. Despite facing challenges as a self-funded player, Li remains focused on improving her game and maintaining her physical condition. Looking back at her accomplishments, Li expresses her satisfaction with the progress she has made and approaches each tournament with excitement and determination. As she continues her journey in the world of badminton, Li’s story serves as an inspiration to athletes aspiring to achieve their goals.

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