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Badminton Pan America

The Chilean Federation of Badminton, in collaboration with the University of La Frontera and other supporting organizations, recently hosted the 1st National Badminton Shuttle Time Festival 2017 as part of the Shuttle Time program. This festival took place at the Bernardo O’Higgins Gymnasium in Temuco and was organized under the Integral Sports Schools program and the Shuttle Time Chile Program.

With the participation of 7 cities from different regions of the country, including Antofagasta, Mostazal, Castro, Curacautín, Lonquimay, Victoria, and Temuco, the event attracted around 100 athletes, parents, and teachers from 17 educational establishments. The festival featured different age categories such as sub9, sub11, sub13, and sub15, and the male event saw the Santa Elena de Curacautín School emerge as the winner.

The success of the festival was made possible thanks to the collaboration and sponsorship of various organizations, including IND Araucania, the Sports Corporation of Temuco, the Municipality of Lautaro, the University of La Frontera, and the Chilean Federation of Badminton. The festival’s organization was led by Professor Esteban Fuentes Saavedra, who highlighted the significant role played by University students studying racket sports.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Raimundo Lizama, President of the Chilean Federation of Badminton, expressed the federation’s commitment to empower young students in initial schools and its dedication to the development of badminton as a sport. Camilo Espinoza, the regional Director of IND Araucanía, emphasized the importance of the sport’s continuous progress in the region.

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Overall, the 1st National Badminton Shuttle Time Festival was a resounding success, promoting the growth and popularity of badminton in Chile. With the support of various organizations and the dedication of the organizers, this festival marked a significant milestone in the development of the sport in the country.