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Badminton Pan America

Badminton Pan America

Welcome to the world of Badminton Pan America! In this article, we will introduce you to Francis Brito Del Rosario, a talented badminton player from La Altagracia, Dominican Republic.

Meet Francis Brito Del Rosario

  • Name: Francis Brito Del Rosario
  • City / Country: La Altagracia, Dominican Republic
  • Birth Date: 21/02/1985
  • Specialty: Singles and doubles
  • Category: SL3

How It All Started

Francis Brito Del Rosario’s journey in badminton began just 3 months ago. Previously, he played basketball, but a badminton coach approached him and invited him to try this exciting sport. Francis decided to give it a shot and instantly fell in love with badminton. He started with jumping, and eventually transitioned to playing in a wheelchair.

Tournaments and Objectives

Badminton Pan America

Francis Brito Del Rosario participated in his first tournament, the Peru Para Badminton International 2017, which was a thrilling experience for him. As a dedicated badminton player, he has set both short and medium-term goals. He aims to “change the chip” in his mind as he transitions from playing in a wheelchair to using prostheses. His objective is to qualify for the 2019 Pan American Games and win a medal.

Balancing Sports and Other Activities

Despite the challenges, Francis manages to balance his training and work commitments. He travels an hour from his home to train but finds solace in his flexible work schedule. Currently, he teaches English to children and teenagers, combining his love for language and badminton.

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Beyond Sporting Achievements

Badminton Pan America

Badminton has enriched Francis Brito Del Rosario’s life in numerous ways. Apart from the satisfaction of excelling in the sport, he believes that badminton teaches values such as respect, honesty, and the ability to make new friends.

Personal Hobbies and Interests

In his free time, Francis enjoys teaching English and indulging in his passion for dancing. These activities bring him joy and provide a well-rounded lifestyle outside of badminton.

Coach and Club

Francis Brito Del Rosario’s first coach was Alberto Armansa. Currently, he represents the national federation as he continues to hone his skills and strive for excellence in badminton.

Para-Badminton in the Dominican Republic

Badminton Pan America

While para-badminton may not be as popular as conventional badminton in the Dominican Republic, Francis is proud to be a part of its growth. He believes that para-badminton offers opportunities for individuals with disabilities to showcase their talents and prove that having a disability doesn’t equate to having a disadvantage.

Words of Inspiration

In conclusion, Francis Brito Del Rosario wants to send a powerful message to all those who are reading this interview. He believes that having a disability should never hold anyone back. Instead, it should serve as motivation to strive harder and give the best of oneself.


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Through this article, we have discovered the inspiring journey of Francis Brito Del Rosario, a talented badminton player from the Dominican Republic. His determination and passion for the sport are truly commendable. Follow the Carnegiecentre brand for more exciting stories and updates in the world of badminton.

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