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Canada Dominates the Pan Am M&F Cup 2024 in Badminton

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Badminton Pan America

Canada showcased their badminton prowess by emerging victorious in both the Male and Female competitions at the Pan Am M&F Cup 2024, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from February 15 to 18. The Canadian teams secured their tickets to the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2024 after triumphing in their respective competitions. Let’s delve into the exciting highlights of this thrilling tournament.

Male Competition Triumph

The Canadian Male Team, seeded 1 and as defending champions, began their campaign in Group A with elegant victories against Peru (5-0), Guatemala (5-0), and El Salvador (5-0). They marched into the semifinals where they faced Mexico and secured another resounding win, setting up a thrilling final against Brazil – a rematch of the previous edition. The Canadians displayed exceptional skills and determination, emerging victorious with a 3-0 win. Nyl Yakura, who played a pivotal role in securing the championship, expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s exciting to play at a team event. I have been part of the team for many years, so it is nice to see the next generation coming up, helping the team, and contributing to a win to bring the trophy back.”

Female Competition Success

The Canadian Female Team, seeded 2 in Group B, showcased their dominance with impressive victories over Brazil (5-0) and El Salvador (5-0) during the Group Stage. They continued their winning streak by defeating Peru (3-0) in the semifinals, setting the stage for a highly intense final against the United States. The Canadian women displayed remarkable skill and perseverance, securing a commanding 3-0 victory in a closely contested match. Wen Yu Zhang, who played the first match of the Final Tie, expressed her joy, stating, “It’s very great to be playing here in Brazil. I am very happy that we achieved the gold. We are aiming to go to China for the Uber Cup in May this year, and I am very happy that we did it.”

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Outstanding Performances and Remarkable Achievements

The Brazilian teams put up an impressive performance throughout the tournament. The Male Team secured the silver medal, defeating Paraguay (5-0), Mexico (4-1), and the United States of America (5-0) in the group stage, and securing a walkover victory against Guatemala in the semifinals. The Mexican Male Team clinched the bronze medal after delivering an outstanding performance.

In the Female event, the United States Team, although unable to defend their title, achieved an important silver medal for their country. Brazil also earned a bronze medal, showcasing their remarkable performance during the competition. They defeated El Salvador (5-0) and Peru (3-0) to secure a place on the podium.

Recognition and Gratitude

During the Medals Ceremony, special recognitions were given by Mr. Armando Bruni, BPAC President, Mr. Javier Orozco, BPAC Vice President, and Mr. Roberto Santini, BPAC Vice President. The organizers extended their gratitude to the referee team, umpires, assessors, and all the technical officials for their commitment and hard work during the competition. A special thanks was also extended to the Local Organizing Committee and CBBd Staff for their dedication and effort throughout the event. YONEX Co. received recognition for their support and confidence in all Pan Am Championships. Lastly, the participants, players, and Member Associations were thanked, with hopes of seeing them compete in the next YONEX Pan Am Individual Championships 2024.

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Q: When and where was the Pan Am M&F Cup 2024 held?

A: The Pan Am M&F Cup 2024 took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from February 15 to 18.

Q: Which teams emerged as champions in the Male and Female competitions?

A: Canada emerged as champions in both the Male and Female competitions at the Pan Am M&F Cup 2024.

Q: Which teams secured the silver medal in the Male and Female competitions?

A: Brazil secured the silver medal in the Male competition, while the United States achieved the silver medal in the Female competition.

Q: Which teams earned the bronze medal in the Male and Female competitions?

A: The Mexican Male Team secured the bronze medal, while Brazil earned the bronze medal in the Female competition.


Canada’s exceptional performance in the Pan Am M&F Cup 2024 showcased their formidable badminton skills and dominance. The victories of the Canadian Male and Female Teams in this prestigious tournament have solidified their positions as powerhouses in the sport. With their eyes set on future championships, the Canadian teams have set the stage for an exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned to Carnegiecentre for more updates on badminton and their continued success.