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Badminton Pan America

As a child, I was a dedicated student who also had a passion for sports, particularly baseball. Throughout my life, I’ve always been interested in teaching others. I had the privilege of becoming a national softball player and later went on to coach the national women’s softball team. However, due to certain circumstances, I had to step away from softball. Fortunately, the architect Raul Anguiano offered me a position in badminton, where I received training from the esteemed Jose Maria Solis. This marked the beginning of my journey working with children in the sport.

Discovering Badminton

My first encounter with badminton occurred during my school days. A classmate of Chinese origin brought a racket to school and took the time to explain the sport to us. It wasn’t until 2003 when I officially started working for the national federation that I witnessed badminton as a sport. Upon my arrival, I was able to observe the players training, which left a lasting impression on me as I delved into the nuances of the game.

Growth in the Sport

Working with the federation opened doors for personal and professional growth. I was given the opportunity to work with children, allowing me to enhance my skills and knowledge of badminton. In 2007, Raul Anguiano extended an invitation for me to participate in an umpire course. The following year, during the Pan Am Junior Championships, I found myself in match control, learning how to manage the tournament program. It was during this time that I became accredited as a referee. Additionally, I completed the Shuttle Time course, enabling me to serve as a Shuttle Time Tutor.

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Memorable Events

Throughout my journey, I have had the privilege of being a part of many special events, such as the Pan Am Junior Championships held in Jamaica. This particular tournament was a significant milestone for me as it marked my first time managing the tournament program and being responsible for setting up the courts. I have also had the opportunity to participate in two Para badminton championships, once as part of the control table, and once as a coach. These experiences have shaped my perspective and have allowed me to see the world in a new light.

Developing Badminton in the Community

While conducting training courses for children, I’ve noticed a genuine interest in learning something new. This motivation fuels their desire to continually grow and apply their newfound skills in their everyday lives.

The Shuttle Time program has played a crucial role in introducing badminton to a wider audience, particularly school-aged children. Through exhibitions held in schools nationwide and various other activations, badminton has become more accessible and well-known. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from Shuttle Time is that badminton has the power to unite people from different social backgrounds. Regardless of their access to resources, individuals are still eager to practice and teach badminton.


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In conclusion, my journey in badminton has been filled with growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. From my time as a national softball player to becoming a coach and referee in badminton, this sport has enriched my life in countless ways. Through programs like Shuttle Time, we have the opportunity to introduce badminton to a wider audience and create an inclusive community where everyone can thrive. I look forward to continuing this journey and inspiring others to embrace the world of badminton.

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